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Wine_Spirits Alcohol shop "Wine&Spirits"
Alcohol shop "Wine&Spirits"

Alcohol shop "Wine&Spirits"

Wine&Spirits store assortment

The shops of the WINE & SPIRITS brand abound in food and drinks, delicacies, gifts and pastries, as well as good alcohol. Whatever wishes you come with, you will not be left without attention, and they will offer a decent version of the drink. They love interesting requests and non-standard outputs.

The stores are always ready to offer you:

• A wide range of wines and spirits;

• Suitable snacks from around the world;

• Professional advice of cavists and a high level of service;

• Special ideas and gifts;

• Exclusive products;

• Interesting tastings and events.

Often all the customers of the store become permanent and grow from amateurs to connoisseurs and collectors.

Tasting in Wine&Spirits stores

Wine & spirits stores often host events such as alcohol tasting. The event is negotiated in advance, and on the official website you can find an invitation indicating the date, address and subject of the tasting.

Lovers of delightful hints of Italian or French wines are invited to try new flavors. The entrance is absolutely free.