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Prowane Alcohol shop "Prowine"
Alcohol shop "Prowine"

Alcohol shop "Prowine"

Prowine store assortment

PROWINE is a popular premium alcoholic drinks and gastronomy store in Belarus. Each guest is offered a wide range of high quality products and a high level of service.

The largest collection of alcoholic drinks and gastronomy from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia is collected here.

In the store you will find a premium and sometimes exclusive assortment of alcoholic beverages, a wide variety of sophisticated snacks and desserts. Only the best products are offered here, and their quality is the guarantor of customer loyalty and success.

Tasting in Prowine stores

Prowine often hosts exclusive drinks tasting in their stores or popular restaurants. The event can be tracked on the official Prowine website.

One of such events was the Jermann wine tasting at the Bergamo restaurant. At the evening, guests heard the history of the family winery and the peculiarities of wine production. A total of 8 items were presented, accompanied by excellent gastronomic couples, developed by the restaurant especially for tasting. Today the products of the wine house can be purchased at the PROWINE store.