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Bar "Blondes and Brunettes"
Bar "Blondes and Brunettes"

Bar "Blondes and Brunettes"

Interior and atmosphere in the restaurant «Blondes and brunettes»

If you or your guests are lovers of luxury and shocking, then perhaps you will not find a better place than the Blondes and brunettes restaurant-bar. The interior is made up of scarlet velvet curtains, classic furniture, and stucco moldings on the ceiling, surrounded by many bulky crystal chandeliers. The specialty of the venue is a mirror in the men's dressing room, which has a common mirror with the women's one: a man sees a girl's face when she washes her hands, but nothing else ‒ only silhouettes. Contemporary music is played to create a festive atmosphere. Blues bands perform periodically.

Menu at the restaurant «Blondes and brunettes»

In the restaurant menu you will find fermented beef («ribeye» costs 90 rubles per serving), Kamchatka crab (300 rubles per kilogram), cheese plate ‒ 70 rubles, cold cuts - 52 rubles. Also, if you wish, you will be served oysters, lobsters, sea urchins. A bottle of champagne from the first page costs from 900 to 2100 rubles per bottle. With wine, the situation is about the same, but there are also more budget items on the menu ‒ 90 rubles for a bottle of red. In general, author's, Italian and Japanese cuisine is presented here.

Events and reservations at the "Blondes and Brunettes" restaurant

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11 pm, the venue works as a restaurant, and then as a lounge bar until 5 am. The staff of the venue speaks English and Italian, which is very convenient when visiting the venue in a company with foreigners. Here you can hold a party, birthday, business meeting, and corporate event. If you want to book a place in advance, just call +375 44 597 11 11. The venue does not have its own website.