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Bars and pubs in Minsk

Bars and pubs are a place where you can relax in good company and drink a drink from well-brewed beer, aged wine or strong whisky. Bars in Belarus as well as pubs, hookahs, clubs and casinos are mostly open at night and attract people of all ages and lifestyles.

What is the difference between a bar and a pub?


Bars are concentrated only in big cities. A bar is a youth-oriented institution: bars often have DJs and loud music, families are rare here, but noisy companies that organize a tour of several bars are common. The atmosphere of the bar is more youthful and energetic, while a relaxed and calm atmosphere more often characterizes the pub.

Any bar has a menu, but most often, you will not find their main courses, soups and so on. The menu of bars is usually limited to snacks and light meals for a quick snack - the main emphasis of bars is not on food, but on drink.


A pub has usually been, and still is, a place where people from small British towns flock to drink and socialize, although pubs can also be found in large and densely populated cities. The atmosphere is calmer and more relaxed: there is usually no loud and annoying music in the pubs; families sometimes come to the pub with their families. In general, the pub is aimed at the public of all ages. You can have a steak or, for example, order a soup and salad - any pub always has a wide range of food, but the pub menu also includes snacks, because the pub is still a drinking place.

What should you consider when choosing a bar or a pub?

Basic concepts of bars and pubs

The menu of the good bar and steam includes alcoholic beverages, both low alcohol and strong drinks, and snacks to them.

A distinctive feature of modern bars is the variety of cocktails prepared by barmen, and the visitor can watch the preparation of his own cocktail. Each bar has its own signature cocktail.  It is actually the image of the whole institution, so the recipe of cocktail preparation is kept in deep secrecy. No other bar has ever had a cocktail like that again. Usually people go to bars in the evening to spend time with friends, drink beer and other alcoholic drinks served with light snacks. Service in bars differs significantly from that in catering establishments such as cafes, snack bars and bistros.  Here waiters provide full service: they introduce the menu, serve drinks and snacks, change ashtrays, bring the bill, so usually the bill for ordered drinks and snacks costs a service fee of about 10% of the amount. There are several types of bars, including a beer bar, where beer is the main drink.


If you don't want to go to a nightclub with a dubious contingent, then you should take a thorough approach to choosing a nightclub.

  1. Face control

Elite institutions in Minsk care about their reputation, so there are always guards at the entrance, who pass to the club based on the appearance of the person and the degree of alcohol intoxication. If a person is not very sober, they won't be missed. Also not allowed in sportswear and shoes, shirts and shorts, and girls should be wearing shoes or sandals.

  1. Places available

Always make a reservation in advance, otherwise you will have to be on the dance floor in a jolt, and it can ruin your evening.

  1. Prices

Prices are an important part of a good club. In an elite nightclub, prices are high, but the quality of alcohol is also high, so you cannot be afraid that the bartender instead of a good whiskey will pour a drink from a nearby store for three kopecks.

  1. Kitchen

If you come to a nightclub not only to dance, but also to have a good time, then pay attention to the availability of the kitchen in the club and what dishes can offer you there.

  1. Artists

Elite nightclubs usually feature guest artists rather than a homebrew toastmaster.


When choosing hookahs, you should focus on the following components:

  • menu and bar map;
  • large selection of tobacco flavors;
  • reviews of hookah masters;
  • facility's interior;
  • presence or absence of live music;
  • availability of board games, if it's important to you.

Live music

Minsk has enough places, especially hookah houses, with live music. Here you should be guided only by your preferences: kitchen, repertoire, availability of hookah and so on.

For football fans

If you are an ardent football fan and do not like to watch matches alone, you can visit one of the specialized bars in Minsk.

Here are the TOP 5 bars for football fans:

  • Gvozd;
  • BierStrasse;
  • Clever;
  • ThePub;
  • Bochka.

Also, some establishments provide an opportunity to participate in the real sweepstakes and try to guess the winner of the match and the score and get a gift.

How to choose a quality bar for the evening?

Beer assortment in the bar

You shouldn't go to a bar if you don't know anything about it. It's better to choose one that you've heard good reviews from friends or acquaintances. You can also find a cozy beer restaurant on the Internet based on the reviews of visitors, left on independent resources. It is also worth visiting the site of such an institution, to get acquainted with the environment, menu and prices, the system of discounts or bonuses, and if necessary, to clarify the availability of delivery of the order at home.

Matured wine

Wine needs appetizers, and without them, your holiday will lose its charm a little. So, if you go to wine bars, only those where you will be served so many appetizers to wine that the drink will not even be the main joy of the evening.

High-quality hard whiskey

The point of view of each consumer is individual; each tries to choose a real, quality whisky. We will tell you about the components of quality whisky:

  • pay attention to the country of manufacture, if it is Scotland, Ireland or the USA, the product is of high quality;
  • the label should give a good visual impression, flat, smooth, without flaws;
  • the inscription, like "Scotch Whisky", is an imitation of a drink;
  • the inscription "Blended" is a blend of different types of whisky;
  • it must contain such ingredients as barley malt or corn, barley.
  • the presence of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, flavorings and food additives is an extra reason not to order such a whisky;
  • the color of the whisky must be between shades of light gold and dark gold. Dark color with precipitation is a sign of poor quality;
  • the whisky must have a bright flavor and balanced taste.

Top beer bars in Minsk

  4. GODJI

Hookah, cigarettes and cigars are only allowed in smoking areas, and non-smokers can enjoy the drinks and warmth of the company without being distracted by the smoke.

Visiting bars and pubs can be a joyful experience, as friendly, open and passionate Belarusians can tell more about the country than any guide can. You will also find yourself in a relaxing atmosphere.