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«DIY bar»
«DIY bar»

«DIY bar»

Interior and atmosphere in the «DIY bar»

The abbreviation of the name «DIY bar» is built from the first letters of the phrase «do it yourself» and this is the main principle of the interior decoration of the establishment. Located on the basement floor of building 6 on Zybitskaya Street, the DIY bar is a compact, small establishment with several tables and seating along the bar. The entire interior of the bar is hand-made by the owners, which gives the place a special charm, warmth and coziness. At the same time, the interior of the establishment looks simple, elegant and stylish at the same time. There is a spirit of minimalism in the design, which allows you to get maximum free space with the required minimum of furniture. And the light-colored walls were painted by specially invited artists to create an informal atmosphere. Bar opening hours depend on the day of the week. During weekdays and on Sundays, the doors of the institution are open from 4 pm to 1 am. On Friday and Saturday, the bar also opens at 16.00, but the closing time is postponed until 04.00 in the morning.

Menu in the «DIY bar»

The institution offers its visitors only a bar menu, which includes a variety of drinks (from tea and coffee to good wine and original alcoholic cocktails). Also, the bar invites the visitor to enjoy hookah, the taste of which can be both classic and exotic.

Events and table reservation in «DIY bar»

Another feature of the DIY bar is the variety of activities on offer to entertain visitors. This place is not just a place for meetings and communication; it is a place where people gather every week in an informal atmosphere to enjoy live music, sports broadcasts on the big screen, and interesting novelties of auteur cinema. The DIY Bar is a venue where trendy DJs offer their sets every weekday, and large-scale parties are held on weekends for young people who know a lot about entertainment and relaxation. You can book a place in the bar in advance through the portal or by calling +375 17 241 91 97.