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Bar «Pyanaya vishnya»
Bar «Pyanaya vishnya»

Bar «Pyanaya vishnya»

Interior and atmosphere in the bar «Pyanaya vishnya»

At the address Zybitskaya street, building 9 in Minsk there is an interesting venue in its format - the monobar «Pyanaya vishnya». This means that only one drink is sold at the bar. There are no cocktails, no hot or cold snacks, just one drink and that's it. The creators of the bar assure that the recipe of the offered drink in the past was ubiquitous in Belarus, and especially in Polesie. There are no chairs in the venue, which implies a quick quenching of thirst and a change of visitors, that is, they do not stay here. The label for the monoproduct was developed by the famous Belarusian designer Vladimir Tsesler. It depicts a rooster - naked and with a cherry in its beak. The walls are decorated with paintings in the style of a drink label.

Menu at the bar «Pyanaya vishnya»

The bar will not please its visitors with a wide assortment, but this is also its trick, there is only one specific drink ‒ «Pyanaya vishnya». This format is new and very interesting for Belarus. The price of the drink is 4 rubles per 100 g (in a paper cup), 5 rubles - for 150 g, 6 rubles - for 200 g, on a deposit of 5 rubles «Pyanaya vishnya» can be drunk from a special glass. Also, those who wish will have the opportunity to buy a drink with them - in a bottle with an author's label.

Events and table reservations at the bar «Pyanaya vishnya»

It is unlikely that it will be possible to hold any event in the bar for one reason, the menu in the venue is absent in principle, so if you and your guests are not hungry and you are satisfied with the availability of only one drink, then you can hold a bachelor party or an unassuming corporation here. The bar does not have a website yet, and there is no provision for booking seats in advance.