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Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno
Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

History of the Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

Until now, no one knows the date of construction of the Boris-Gleb church. The approximate date is 1140-1170.

The more popular name of the church is Kolozhskaya, it is associated with the Kolozhan tract in Grodno. If you have never heard the word "Kolozhan", in Ancient Russia this was the name of the place where the springs flow.

Throughout its history, the church has repeatedly been attacked by the crusaders, the troops of Ivan III, etc. But significant damage to the church was brought not by the attacks, but by the consequences of erosion and landslides.

In 1853, 2 parts of the Kolozhskaya church collapsed into the river. For the next 40 years, no one touched her. But they could not forget the landmark, already in 1906 the church was resurrected, and to this day it has been preserved in its former form.

The church was not spared the consequences of the First World War and the Great Patriotic War, and only in the 1990s the church again became a functioning temple.

The architecture of the Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

Boris-Gleb Church is an example of stone architecture, which was created under the guidance of the masters of the architectural school.

The project of the church embodies the traditions of Byzantine temple architecture. Its uniqueness lies in the multitude of ceramic voice vessels built into the vaults of the walls. Another pride of the architectural solution of the Kolozhskaya church is the decoration of the facades and walls with inserts of large polished stones and multicolored majolica tiles in the form of crosses.

Church shop in the Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

In the church shop of the Kolozhskaya church, as in the rest, you can buy various icons and items of clothing. But not only icons are offered here.

It is believed that every Christian is obliged to read and follow the counsel of the Bible, especially the New Testament. Therefore, in the church, you can always ask for the Bible and light a candle. Also, do not forget to read the book of Proverbs, which contains a lot of teachings and admonitions of King Solomon.

How to get to the Boris-Gleb Church in Grodno

You can get to the church only if you have your own car. Kolozha Church is located at Kolozha Street, 8.