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Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk
Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

History of the Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

The Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church has been known since 1152. The temple was erected in just 30 weeks, and according to the idea, it should be a unique building of that time. The pride of the temple is the 12th-century fresco painting.

The Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church is associated with the times of the famous Euphrosyne of Polotsk. Around the church there are many different myths and legends, according to one of them, the church was built as a tomb-temple, intended for the abbess of the monastery. Some readily believe this, explaining the reality of the legend by the small volume of the church.

Over time, the church has repeatedly undergone changes in appearance without changing the ancient masonry. Thanks to this, today tourists can see the temple in full that has come down to us.

The temple has changed its shape more than once. So, for example, in 1833, according to the project of A. Port, he acquired the features of classicism. The life of the temple consisted of many trials: it was both a church and a church, it was emptied several times, in Soviet times it was even planned to arrange a museum in it.

To date, the building has been nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can see a copy of the cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk and many other especially revered Orthodox shrines.

The architecture of the Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

The church was created under the influence of various architectural schools. From the side, it is a 6-pillar one-domed church, covered with vaults and wide supporting arches.

A staircase will lead you to the choir location. On both sides of them, you can see 2 cells, in the first of which lived Euphrosinia of Polotsk.

Architects notice the uniqueness of the creators' solutions. So, the basis of the church was the verticalism of its composition, which contributes to the aspiration of the temple upward.

Church shop of the Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

Today in the church shop you can buy various icons. Maybe the choice will not be great, but every parishioner will definitely find something for himself. Be that as it may, you can always acquire the face of Jesus Christ.

In addition to icons, the church shop allows you to buy scarves and long skirts for those who come in inappropriate shape.

How to get to the Spasa-Praabrazhenskaya Church in Polotsk

The most convenient way to get to the church is by car. Drive to Polotsk, and then the navigator or locals will show you the way.

If you come to Polotsk by public transport, you can use buses number 4, 16, 17, 20, 22. They will take you directly to the church, and on the way, you can see the beautiful landscapes of Polotsk.