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The Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov
The Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The history of the creation of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

According to archival records, the first church in Borisov appeared at the beginning of the 17th century. There was a wooden Resurrection Church here. It was burned down during the war of 1812, and since it was made of wood, the building could not be preserved. A new church was built in its place in 1874 according to the project of the architect Merkulov. The building was supposed to be painted with lime in accordance with the project, with white facades and white, which would be more consistent with the image of an ancient Russian temple. However, due to lack of funds, the building was not originally plastered. Then, all the same, at the personal request of the Bishop of Minsk and Bobruisk, Alexander (Dobrynin), a decision was made to design a new red-brick church, so in 1871 the foundation of the Savior-Resurrection Cathedral took place. Icons for iconostases and icon cases were made by the artist N. Trutnev. The consecration of the temple took place in 1874. According to 1901 data, there were more than 6,000 parishioners in the parish. The cathedral was closed in 1937; it resumed its activity during the war. In 1945 it was handed over to believers and services are held there up to the present. The cathedral is recognized as an architectural monument.

The architecture of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The building of the church is made in the classic Russian-Byzantine style. The temple consists of nine domes, its parameters are: length ‒ 27 meters, width ‒ 23 meters, and height ‒ 12 meters. The temple has a hipped roof with a cylindrical light drum and a bulbous head in the center, and cylindrical drums with domes are erected in the corners. The same chapters are present above the side annexes. The facades of the temple are richly decorated with kokoshniks, platbands, semicircular pediments; there are also such traditional elements as pilasters and panels. Above the arch-shaped entrance, a large portal is used to highlight the main passage, which looks like a profiled arch on four pillars.

Church shop of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The church has a church shop, rich in an assortment of Orthodox books and items for performing rituals and prayer activities. The shop is open daily from 7 am to 8 pm.

How to get to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

The exact address of the temple: Borisov, Lopatina street, 3. There are minibuses and buses in the city, so getting to this cathedral will not be difficult. The exact coordinates of the path according to the GPS navigator: 54.1442; 28.3014.