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Cafe "Bro Bakery"
Cafe "Bro Bakery"

Cafe "Bro Bakery"

Interior and atmosphere at the cafe "Bro Bakery"

The concept of the venue is a skillful combination of a cafe and a grocery store. Here you can feel as comfortable and European as possible. The guests of the venue are offered comfortable seats on soft sofas, beautiful solid wood chairs and mirrors. The format of Bro Bakery welcomes the idea of making the dream of millennials come true: when leaving the house, you take a cup of aromatic coffee and breakfast.

The interior and atmosphere of Bro Bakery correspond to the venues of the future, because everyone will be pleased to have a cozy shop under the house with pleasant prices and delicious croissants.

Menu at the cafe "Bro Bakery"

This is where the fun begins. The freshest baked goods, cheeses and prosciutto are no longer as important as a full-fledged kitchen with chef Andrey Reznikov. Anyone who has been to culinary festivals will definitely remember Perfetto and Buffet, as well as other masterpieces of the chef that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The cafe menu offers European cuisine for every taste: from Italian dumplings with ricotta and spinach covered with parmesan dust, and ending with bagels with fried egg, bacon and Cheddar cheese.

For all the splendor of the local dishes, the café offers quite reasonable prices. This is a simple place without luxury dusting, with fresh bread, wine and pasta in the evenings and cappuccino for a delicious dessert at lunch.

Reserve a table at the cafe "Bro Bakery"

You have the opportunity to reserve a table or ask a question of interest by phone +375 44 764-34-98.

The café is open from 8:00 to 22:00.