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Best coffee houses in Minsk

Can't imagine your life without coffee? Here's the good news for coffee lovers - Minsk is literally teeming with coffee shops. The inviting and awakening smell of coffee, cocoa or hot chocolate fills the streets in the morning and captures them for the whole day. Strong espresso, softer Americano, tender macchiato, soft cappuccino, sweet latte and several other kinds of coffee can be tasted in numerous coffee houses in Minsk.

What is a coffee shop?

A coffee house is a gastronomic institution, a place for meetings and socializing, where hot drinks and dessert dishes are served: coffee, tea, cocoa, cakes, ice-cream and so on. In some coffee shops, you can buy coffee beans of your choice.

Cafeteria - what is it?

A cafeteria is a small café with a limited range of dishes, which operates on a self-service system. The cafeteria is a type of catering facility with a minimum number of staff, "canteen service" - equipped with tables and chairs, located in the office building, on the premises of the college, institute or any other institution, as well as a buffet adjacent to the school canteen.

Cozy beautiful coffee shops in Minsk

  1. "Manufaktura"

Here coffee beans are roasted right on the spot, which means that the coffee is always rich and fresh. In addition, it is one of the few coffee shops that offers vegan coffee on soy milk.

  1. "26"

It modernizes the classic coffee varieties and offers an alternative. So there's always something to be surprised about.

  1. "Zerno"

The coffee shop has its own signature spinach pie, which deserves attention, and barista uses alternative ways of brewing coffee.

  1. "Sorso di Espresso"

You can come here for coffee, and leave with a luggage of knowledge about the methods and intricacies of making a drink.

  1. "Moby Dick Caffe"

The coffee house offers its visitors quality coffee at a democratic price, and the preparation of drinks is done exclusively by professional barista. In warm seasons, you can have coffee at a table outside, and in winter, you can take a drink with you.

Types of coffee shops

Thematic Coffeehouses

Each themed cafe has its own individual unique design and cuisine. What attracts the most in a theme cafe is originality. For example, if you provide a cafe on a maritime theme tables with small aquariums inside, you can win popularity among visitors loving fish and so on.

List of the best thematic cafes in Minsk:

  • "Utopia 60";
  • "Kultura";
  • "Surf Coffee";
  • "London".

Coffee bar

The coffee bar has a bar counter as well as a bar menu and a selection of drinks. In the coffee bar, the range of drinks should be impressive or at least extended compared to the cafe. Prices, by the way, can be the same, the status of the cafe or bar does not affect them.

Coffee and pastry shops

Coffee-confectionery - is an ordinary coffee house, but with the sale of desserts, which are prepared by confectioners on a special recipe directly in the kitchen of the institution.

We have made up TOP-5 coffee pastry shops in Minsk.

  1. Coffee-bakery "Paul"
  2. "Bakery du Soleil"
  3. "Moulin"
  4. "Dolce"
  5. "Stolle"

Food and drinks

Coffee and coffee drinks can be found everywhere - street coffee lovers can witness the magic of coffee making and sip delicately prepared coffee from their loved ones to the heart of cups. Responsive barista take into account the preferences of each client and can add an extra aroma or syrup, heat the milk for lovers of hot coffee, draw a heart on top of the foamed milk or sprinkle it with cinnamon, and waiters will bring the most delicious piece of cake, which is only available in the institution.

Chains of coffee shops in Minsk

For those who prefer to enjoy a moment of coffee break in a quiet and peaceful environment, there are many cafes. Coffee shops in Minsk boast their unique and magical spirit, as coffee is their main specialty, but not the only one. You can appear in Wonderland or surrounded by Sherlock, read a book with a cup of coffee and sit at a table, which is actually an old sewing machine, or get acquainted with the works of modern Belarusian artists and masters. Handmade interior decorations make guests feel that there is something else in the air besides the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Most cafes in Minsk offer a wide choice of desserts to fill your day with pleasure and pure pleasure. Homemade cookies and specially made and perfected pastry with glaze will not leave you indifferent and will brighten up your soul and your day.

The best chains of coffee shops in Minsk:

  • "Paul";
  • "Stolle";
  • "Aroma Kava";
  • "Cinnabon".

Where's the best coffee?

TOP 5 coffee houses with the best coffee.

  1. "Lauka"

This place is open 24/7. In summer, there are parties in the courtyard, and in winter guests are warmed up with drinks and sandwiches.

  1. "Utopia 60"

Utopia 60 seems to have been transferred from the 60s by a time machine. The spirit of Soviet romanticism hovers here: from the furniture to the menu. Besides coffee, eclairs and cakes are offered here, and as entertainment - thematic lectures, film screenings and tastings for connoisseurs.

  1. "Kultura"

Kultura is not just good coffee and cozy atmosphere, but also an opportunity to take part in an art project of a coffee shop owner.

  1. "Surf Coffee"

Facility's interior is decorated in the style of beach facilities with surfboards and a cozy terrace. Here you can imagine yourself a professional surfer and talk about the difference between hard board and soft board with smart look.

  1. "London"

It's always cozy, warm and peaceful. This place is suitable both for eating with friends, and for productive work over a cup of coffee. The bar's menu is transformed with the season: in winter, it serves mulled wine and makes punch, and in summer - cold drinks.

Best coffee houses in Minsk


It is a modern city coffee house with a laconic interior in a popular Scandinavian style, where you can get away from the city bustle with a cup of aromatic freshly roasted coffee made from 100% Arabica.

The design of the cozy space is made in a blended Scandinavian style, which is complemented by a bright yellow color, as well as exclusive things. Furniture, lamps and other interior items are custom-made, made of natural woods. The main emphasis in the room of the coffee shop "La coffee" is on wooden elements, as well as modern decoration in the loft style.

The menu includes both classic espresso-based coffee drinks and coffee made in alternative ways: oriental coffee brewed in jezve on sand, V60 funnel.


A cozy and nice coffee house in the heart of Minsk, makes coffee only on specialty beans, pleases guests with a warm atmosphere, delicious desserts and a non-standard choice of designer drinks. Friendly barista are ready to spend hours talking to the guests about coffee and not only.


The coffee shop is cozy. Wood prevails in the interior; chairs of all colors of the rainbow and chalk paintings on the walls play the role of bright accents; lighting lamps, live plants and decorations - for example, plates from different world locations on one of the walls - complete the overall picture.

Not only can you stop here for coffee with friends, but you can also have a hearty breakfast, for example. Coffee makers decided to cook all the drinks and dishes themselves in their own kitchen, without using any ready-made semi-finished products.

Espresso, cappuccino, latte, flute white, raff - there are all the coffee classics. And you'll definitely like the author's drinks.


To find yourself in London, in the same house on Baker Street, imbued with the atmosphere of detective stories and adventures, to taste the beautiful coffee or favorite Sherlock tea with fresh dessert, to train your brain and communicate with like-minded people and friends at the game or to stay alone with a fascinating story from numerous books on the shelves of the cafe - all this is the Sherlock coffee hall.

Right on the doorstep, every visitor enters a truly London apartment with a traditional warming fireplace with comfortable armchairs, soft sofas with bookshelves, the same Holmes violin and gramophone with old records, and even a chic red piano by the window.


Coffee House "Pryanosti i sladosti" is an ideal place for romantic evenings, business negotiations, friendly meetings and tea drinks, cozy and peaceful rest from the city bustle.

The interior of the coffee house combines beauty, lightness and elegance.  Small tables with forged elements create the special coziness. Framed mirrors and panoramic windows create a feeling of comfort and serenity. Unusual decorative elements on coffee themes, light background music complete the overall interior solution.

In "Ptyanosti i sladosti" you can try traditional types of coffee. Particular attention is paid to the aesthetic component - each order is elegantly served.

It is possible to take fragrant coffee and dessert with you, saving time and money.

Coffee shops of the city on the map with addresses and phone numbers

On this page, you can find the best Minsk coffee shops and their addresses.

Tastes are different, but those who prefer tea and coffee can stop by for a cup of coffee as a refreshing drink, enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop and relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city.