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Coffee shops in Minsk

Can’t imagine your life without coffee? Here’s a piece of good news for coffee lovers (or addicts) — Minsk is literally swarming with coffee shops and coffee places. The luring and awakening smell of coffee, cocoa or hot chocolate fills the streets in the morning and captures them for the whole day. Strong Espresso, milder Americano, delicate Macchiato, soft Cappuccino, sweet Latte and a handful of other types can be savored in numerous coffee places in Minsk.

Coffee and coffee-based beverages can be found everywhere — street coffee lovers can witness the magic of coffee-making process and sip delicately made coffee from their own dear to the heart cups. Responsive baristas are taking into account the preferences of every client and can add additional flavor or syrup, heat the milk up for hot coffee lovers, draw a heart on top of foamed milk or sprinkle it with cinnamon.

For those who prefer relishing the moment of a coffee break in a quiet and soothing atmosphere there are plenty of coffee shops. Coffee shops in Minsk can boast of their unique and magical spirit as coffee is their major but not the only specialty. You can appear in Wonderland or in Sherlock’s environment, read a book while having a coffee and sit at the table that is actually an antique sewing machine or get acquainted with the works of modern Belarusian artists and craftsmen. Hand-made decorations of the interiors make guests feel that there’s something more in the air besides the flavor of freshly made coffee. Most coffee places in Minsk offer a great variety of desserts to fill your day with pleasure and pure delight. Home-made cookies and specially made and coved to perfection with icing confectionery won’t leave you indifferent and will brighten up your soul and your day.

Tastes differ but those who prefer tea to coffee can drop in to a coffee shop to have a cup of tea as a refreshment and take pleasure in absorbing the atmosphere of a small inspiring and invigorating island in the city’s hustle and bustle. 

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