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Mesto Coffee shop "Mesto"
Coffee shop "Mesto"

Coffee shop "Mesto"

Interior and atmosphere in the coffee shop "Mesto"

Place is a cozy coffee shop right in the center of Minsk. The interior of the venue greets guests with a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to early breakfasts or gatherings with old friends.

Guests can always sit down at a free table or think "about their own", admiring the bustle of the everyday city. Here you will always be greeted with smiles and offered the best author's cuisine.

Menu at the coffee shop "Mesto"

For the preparation of coffee drinks, bartenders use only the best freshly roasted coffee. The staff serve breakfast and lunch to their guests all day.

You will always find fresh pastries, sandwiches, homemade pies and cakes on the menu. For lovers of proper nutrition, the coffee shop prepares granola with natural yogurt and coconut milk, pancakes with pumpkin-apple chutney, walnuts and maple syrup, as well as oatmeal in vegetable milk.

In summer, a terrace opens here with stunning views and a pleasant summer atmosphere.

Events at the coffee shop "Mesto"

In addition to delicious breakfasts and lunches, guests of the establishment can enjoy some seasonal activities.

For example, in the period from December to January, the opening of the exhibition of the famous Belarusian artist Yevgenia Olekhnovich took place in the coffee shop. The exhibition plunges into warm emotions and inspires every guest for the whole day.

From every table of the coffee shop a stunning view of the painting of a young artist, known far beyond the borders of our country, opened up. The exhibition will continue until March 2021, so you still have the opportunity to get inspired and buy a work.