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Cafe "Thierry"
Cafe "Thierry"

Cafe "Thierry"

Interior and ambience at the cafe "Thierry"

Thierry is a real home bakery and pastry shop, which became famous in Vilnius in 2010. The old town, in the Užupis area, still welcomes guests and serves homemade French pastries, in which all the bread is blended and baked on site throughout the day.

In Minsk, the bakery opened only in 2017, and immediately fell in love with the residents of the capital. Buyers and journalists alike celebrate the taste and quality of Thierry Bakery's baguettes.

Such popularity provoked the opening of 9 bakeries and pastry shops in different districts of Minsk, so that even more city residents would appreciate the quality and taste of Thierry's desserts and pastries.

Today, Thierry is not just a bakery, but also a French-style cafe. You can come here for lunch, try cream soup and quiche, as well as sit with friends over a cup of coffee with dessert.

Menu at the cafe "Thierry"

As part of the menu, each customer can find French cuisine: pastries, salads, sandwiches, lasagna, quiche, omelet and much more.

Each visitor will be calm about the pastime, because you will see the quality of service only after entering the venue. Each dish is prepared from natural products according to the author's recipe, so all baked goods, bread and pastries are baked here independently.

Table reservation at the cafe "Thierry"

The first Thierry establishment was opened in the shopping center Dana Mall at st. Peter Mstislavets 11 on the 1st floor. Table reservations can be made by +375 29 1988115.

The bakery is open from 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

All addresses and phone numbers for booking can be found on the official website of the Thierry bakery.