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Cafe "Paul"
Cafe "Paul"

Cafe "Paul"

Interior and atmosphere at the cafe "Paul"

Paul is the place you want to return to for cozy breakfasts and soulful evenings. If you haven't yet found a place where a cozy atmosphere is ideally combined with quality food, then take a closer look at Paul.

Let's start with the interior, because it is designed in the style of France. Each piece of interior will resemble French motives, which attracts guests of the capital. The continuity of generations and the corporate identity are visible here in everything - both in the recipe of dishes and in the recognizable black and white tiles.

An atmosphere of calmness and satisfaction always reigns here, and high-quality service complements the positive impressions of the venue.

Menu at the cafe "Paul"

The venue offers fresh pastries and an incredible variety of French breakfasts. You can choose from croissants, baguettes and pasta, delicious sandwiches with various additions, a variety of crocs, tartins and quiches, and this is just the beginning.

Here you can always be sure of the quality of cooking and fresh ingredients. Each dish is prepared according to a secret family recipe, which allows us to observe the unchanging “golden standards” of quality of the Paul family house. All pastries, breads and pastries are baked here on their own.

Table reservation at the cafe "Paul"

You have the opportunity to reserve a table or ask a question of interest by phone +375 29 177 22 12.

The opening hours of the cafe on Internatsionalnaya, 21 - from 7:30 to 00:00, and Sat-Sun from 8:00 to 00:00.