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List of organizations-developers of the city of Minsk

List of organizations-developers of the city of Minsk

Over time, everyone acquires a personal home, so the purchase and sale of real estate is always relevant. In addition, buying a property is a good investment, because in the future it can be rented out, and rented apartments have been and will continue to be in demand at least among students and visitors. We'll tell you about the best organizations-developers in Minsk, what they do and what actions they conduct.

Who is the builder and what does he do?

The builder is the organizer of construction, reconstruction and repair of residential buildings. The developer can be either an individual or a legal entity, while the object under construction - for personal residence, rent or sale.

The developer performs the following actions:

  • finances the erection, reconstruction, restoration, repair, improvement of the object, demolition;
  • carries out construction activities with an engineer, and a contractor in construction activities on the basis of the concluded contract.

To check the reliability of the developer, it is necessary to follow the following 8 rules.

  1. To check the availability of a construction license.
  2. Find out detailed information about the object. In the presence of any unclear points that the customer does not want to explain - reason to doubt his integrity.
  3. To check the availability of the construction license, the approved working draft, the developer's passport and other necessary documents.
  4. Make sure that all documents are certified.
  5. Make sure the price is adequate. Low price is a reason to be wary.
  6. To make sure that the agreed terms are correct. If the old construction site is not demolished yet, the delivery of the new construction may be delayed.
  7. When buying an apartment in a house under construction, it is better to study the situation in the city as a whole: what other developers are, how long are they building, what prices they have for housing.
  8. Show the lawyer the draft investment agreement. If the developer is against it, it is a direct sign that it is better to reject the deal.

How is a builder different from a developer?

Both the developer and the developer make real estate transactions. However, the developer is the one who acts in the role:

  • the author of the project idea;
  • the subject who initiates and carries out the procedure for obtaining the building plot and the building permit;
  • the organizer of the project design and construction;
  • the subject who, if necessary, attracts investments into the project.

And the builder, in turn, the one who:

  • legally owns the land plot or owns it as a lease with the intended purpose for residential development;
  • carries out development in an order established by the law.

In practice, the builder legally combines the functions of a real estate developer and a real estate developer.

Functions of the developer

The functions of the developer are as follows:

  • decision making on implementation of the investment project;
  • development of pre-project documentation;
  • appointment of the project manager;
  • application for registration of a land plot;
  • provision of geodesic works;
  • organization of demolition of buildings, structures and so on;
  • performance of works on dismantling of equipment, hardware, mechanisms and devices;
  • conclusion of a construction contract;
  • making a decision on suspension of construction, etc.


The developer is responsible:

  • in case of postponement of construction;
  • in case of extension of the term of delivery of the house by more than 2 months;
  • in case of loss of or damage to property;
  • in case of unspecified expenses;
  • refusal to eliminate the shortcomings of the object;
  • violation of requirements to the quality of the object of construction, etc.

Equity construction

Equity construction is the purchase of housing in installments. A contract is concluded between the developer and the citizen, according to which for the construction of a residential building funds are attracted from citizens who claim to purchase an apartment in this building. As a rule, the funds are transferred to the developer's account not once, but by separate receipts during the whole construction period. Residents of Belarus liked this method precisely because of the possibility of gradual payments, as housing prices in the country are quite high and the purchase of an apartment becomes a serious problem.

It is important to remember that the first payments should be made only after the equity construction contract is signed. The payment is usually made in cashless form, while cash payments should be made by the bank.

As mentioned above, the contract may provide for a lump sum payment or a phased payment procedure for the apartment. Payment periods are determined by a schedule drawn up in advance, or as the developer provides information on the cost of work performed, the costs of the developer, and the amount of the necessary cash contribution to pay for construction.

Stages of construction

At the first stage of construction of the house, drawings and an action plan for surveying geological conditions are created. Further stages of construction include:

  • preparation of the site for construction;
  • fencing of the site;
  • cleaning up the area;
  • removal of engineering networks that obstruct construction;
  • construction of temporary roads and communications necessary during the construction phase;
  • arrangement of household and storage facilities;
  • marking of the building's location;
  • land works in two phases:
    • preparation of the foundation pit;
    • digging trenches for communication.
  • pouring of the foundation;
  • wall erection;
  • connection of main communications of the house to central networks;
  • roof erection;
  • division of internal space into apartments;
  • installation of elevator equipment;
  • installation of windows and entrance doors;
  • arrangement of communication networks in apartments;
  • installation of meters for water, gas and light;
  • floor leveling and overlapping of the screed;
  • interior finishing of residential premises.

Promotions from developers

  1. Discount when buying an apartment

Usually the developer is ready to give up to 3% of the price of the apartment or house, but in exceptional cases, you can also find a 10% discount.

With a discount, you can buy illiquid housing, but it does not mean that it is bad. Usually these are large apartments of three or more rooms, which are sold worse than small one-room or two-room apartments. This way of attracting customers is very common and quite effective. Most often families who have recently sold an old house and are trying to buy a better option with a minimum surcharge buy an apartment. In such cases, even a few percent of the value can play a decisive role.

  1. Additional operations when buying an apartment

You can get free a few square meters of residential property or an apartment with already made repairs. In fact, this option may be even more effective, as most buyers on the go cannot assess the cost of repair, and they often greatly exaggerate it. However, already ready to live in an apartment may be exactly what you dreamed of.

  1. Interest-free installments when buying an apartment

The buyer pays part of the amount and pays the rest within a year or several years. Unlike mortgages, there are no interest rates, so this option is perfect for buyers who currently have no money.

Real estate from developers

Developers of residential complexes

Now developers of residential complexes offer places in "Hrushevsky Posad", "Aquamarine", "Slavyansky Kvartal", "Park Chelyuskintsev" and others.

The residential complexes are located in the center of Minsk or near the subway. Everything is within walking distance: children's and adult polyclinics, medical center, shops and sports centers, cafes and restaurants. In the yards of the houses there are areas for sports, games and recreation, and for cars - covered parking lots.

For example, the residents of the residential estate "Park Chelyuskintsev" are offered apartments of free layout, panoramic glazing, high-speed silent elevators, underground parking, concierge desk, meeting area for guests and courier, etc.

Apartments from developers

Apartments from developers usually new buildings. New buildings can be of 4 types:

  • under construction;
  • apartments, not sold at the construction stage;
  • in an apartment building that has been commissioned;
  • fresh secondary housing, the age of which is less than 10 years.

The advantages of buying apartments from developers:

  • legal clarity of the transaction;
  • budget savings;
  • no traces of old owners;
  • friendly relations with the tenants.

Reliable and the best developers on the map

Reliable and best developers of Minsk and their addresses are presented on this page.

Buying an apartment is an important process in a person's life, and for it to go smoothly, you need to turn to reliable developers.