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ABC brand history

The history of the enterprise began in 1995. After 3 years, the first lines for the production of horseradish and mustard were opened. The enterprise developed very quickly and already in 2000 had several branches in the regional centers of the country. The brand won the trust of buyers and became known not only in the country, but also abroad, therefore, already in 2002, branches of ABC began to appear around the world. The first countries to open such branches were Russia, Israel and Germany. And a year later, the first delivery to America took place.

In 2004, a new canning factory was opened. Since then, the company has started to produce Tetra Pak juices, French and Bavarian mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned cucumbers, sodas, tomato paste, nectars, fruit purees and jams, fillings and toppings.

Throughout the history of the company, it has repeatedly been awarded victories in both republican and international competitions. The company's products are loved in many countries, including Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.

This year the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in the market. The company's success justifies such a diverse assortment in various product categories, and its motto remains "Health is priceless - we produce the best!"

ABC brand products

Today in the company's catalog you can find:

• Juices, nectars, syrups;

• Puree;

• Conservation;

• Jam;

• Ketchups and mayonnaises;

• Horseradish;

• Mustard;

• Eggs.