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Babushkina krynka
Babushkina krynka

Babushkina krynka

History of the company Babushkina Krynka

The history of the brand begins in 1979, when the first dairy plant was built in Mogilev. The enterprise launched the production of basic types of dairy products and gradually improved the recipe.

In 1995 the enterprise passed from the status of a plant to the Open Joint Stock Company "Mogilev Dairy Plant". The company has been actively developing and achieving record performance in the production of dairy products. Successful development began to be complemented by good recognition and the emergence of trust among buyers. And by 2003, the company registered its trademark Babushkina krynka. And three years later the plant acquired the familiar name of Babushkina Krynka. Over the years, production technologies changed and new equipment appeared, which made the production process more and more optimized.

Since 2007, products have started to be exported. The first such product was skimmed milk powder, which was shipped to Singapore.

The company continued to develop and produce dairy products in accordance with all international standards. And already in 2010 she became the winner of the international tournament - the first enterprise in the food industry. After 3 years, the company took the CIS prize for achieving decent quality products. From year to year, Babushkina's krynka became a laureate and winner of numerous competitions and awards, which was the motivation to strive for new results.

Today, the holding of Babushkina Krynka is the leader in terms of the volume of goods produced in the food industry, remaining the guarantor of stable development.

Babushkina krynka products

Today the enterprise is equipped with such a number of appropriate equipment, which is capable of processing up to 1,700 tons of milk in 24 hours.

All the company's products are in great demand among customers, since Babushkina krynka uses only high-quality and natural raw materials in production. The main products manufactured by the company are:

• skimmed milk powder,


• hard and semi-hard cheese, soft cheeses,

• whole milk products: kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, drinking cream, thermized and drinking yoghurt,

• glazed curds,

• ice cream,

• mayonnaise,

• whole milk substitute.

The product catalog has 300 items, which are sold under the brands "Babushkina Krynka", "Veselye vnuchata" and "Kali Laska". The products are popular not only in Belarus, but also in the near abroad. The company's products have repeatedly received the highest awards at popular state and international awards.