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History of Belgospischeprom

The foundation date of the Belgospischeprom is subsidized in 2000. The concern is the main producer of food products throughout the country.

Today, the factories that are part of the concern are integral enterprises on the territory of which there is modern equipment, and products are created in accordance with all the requirements of world standards.

Thus, the group includes the following industries:

• Cannery. The plant produces baby food and general-purpose canned fruits and vegetables. The catalog of products in the canning industry has 300 units, and in terms of quality it surpasses foreign counterparts.

During the production, the requirements of safety and environmental friendliness of the product are always observed. High quality is justified by numerous awards at international exhibitions and diplomas in the field of competitiveness of manufactured products.

• Sugar. One of the priority areas of the country's socio-economic development. Plants from year to year achieve the best performance through the introduction of high technologies and increasing the plan from month to month.

• Food concentrate. Such factories produce about 120 units of goods, including cereals, jelly, jams, coffee drinks and much more.

• Fat and oil. Oil production has gained active momentum recently, more and more organizations are opening, more and more employees are involved in the work. The result of production is the completion of customer requests in full.

• Brewery. The quality of brewing in the country is generally recognized, therefore the factories annually take away the most prestigious republican and international awards.

Belarusian beer factories systematically launch work on the production of new recipes for the manufactured product and their containers.

• Confectionery. The most delicious and developed branch of the Belgospischeprom. Our confectionery factories offer the widest range of confectionery products that are competitive not only in the market of our country, but also in the international market of the confectionery industry.

• Tobacco. The largest tobacco manufacturing company is Neman. The enterprise performs a full cycle of tobacco products in compliance with all standards, therefore it occupies an honorable place in the market of domestic producers.

• Alcoholic. There are only 12 alcoholic beverages production facilities. They successfully produce and sell alcoholic beverages in the country and in the near abroad. Each item has its own style depending on the nature of the drink, which makes the drinks unique and distinctive.

Enterprises of Belgospischeprom

Each of the 9 industries has several enterprises that produce well-known products.

1. Sugar:

• JSC "Gorodeysky sugar plant"

• JSC "Zhabinka Sugar Plant"

• JSC "Skidel Sugar Refinery"

• JSC "Slutsk Sugar Refinery"

• CJSC "Eurotarex"

2. Canning:

• JSC "Gamma Vkusa"

• JSC "Malorita Canning and Vegetable Drying Plant"

• JSC "Vitebsk Fruit and Vegetable Plant"

3. Alcoholic:

• JSC "Grodno Distillery"

• JSC "Brest distillery" Belalko "

• JSC "Gomel distillery" Radamir "

• JSC "Minsk Kristall" - Managing company of the holding "Minsk Kristall Group"

• JSC "Vitebsk Distillery" Pridvinye "

• JSC "Klimovichi Distillery"

• JSC "Food Factory" Veselovo "

• JSC "Minsk Sparkling Wine Factory"

• OJSC "Pukhovichsky Food Processing Plant"

• LLC "Plant of grape wines" Five continents "

• OJSC "Mozyr distillery"

4. Confectionery:

• Joint-Stock Company "Kommunarka"

• OJSC "Konfa"

• JSC "Krasny Mozyryanin"

• JSC "Krasny Pischevik"

• OJSC "Confectionery factory" Slodych "

• JV OJSC "Spartak"

• JV OJSC "Ivkon"

• JLLC "First Chocolate Company"

5. Food concentrate

• OJSC "Lidskie food concentrates"

6. Fat and oil:

• JSC "Minsk Margarine Plant"

• JSC "Bobruisk plant of vegetable oils"

• JSC "Vitebsk Oil Extraction Plant"

• JSC "Gomel Fat Plant"

• JLLC "Oil-Food"

7. Tobacco

• OJSC "Grodno tobacco factory" Neman "

8. Brewery

• JSC "Krinitsa"

• JSC "Belsolod"

9. Others

• JSC "Belkofe"

• IOOO "Flexoservice"

• OJSC "Yeast Plant"

• IChSUP "Logistic center" South-West "

• JSC "Mashpishcheprod"

• OJSC "Mozyrsalt"

• OJSC "Orgpishcheprom"

• JSC "Polymer"

• JLLC "Interferm"

• RUE "Exon-Glucose"

Belgospischeprom products

Belgospischeprom covers almost all products in the country and is the leader in production. Every day, all of the above industries produce hundreds of names of goods that are so fond of Belarusians and residents of the near abroad.

The manufactured goods of 9 branches of the concern not only satisfy the requests of Belarusian buyers, but also increase the volume of exports.