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Berezovsky myasoconservnyi combinat
Berezovsky myasoconservnyi combinat

Berezovsky myasoconservnyi combinat

The history of the Berezovsky meat processing plant

The history of the enterprise begins in 1972, when, by order of S.F. Litvinov, the first branch of the meat-packing plant was built in the town of birch.

Three years later, the first refrigerator was created for storing several tons of meat, and in 1976, a meat-and-fat shop with a multi-ton capacity of meat per shift. In 1978, the enterprise had a refrigerator capable of storing 400 tons of meat at a time, which was an absolute record among Belarusian enterprises.

In 2002, the first site for the production of bakery products was created with a capacity of 350 kg per work shift.

Over the next few years, the company developed infrastructure. To date, the Berezovsky meat-packing plant has 3 canteens, a first-aid post, 2 hostels, a recreation center, a dozen residential buildings and a chain of branded stores throughout the country.

The products of the meat processing plant are created in compliance with all requirements and standards, therefore, it has repeatedly been awarded nominations and victories in Belarus and abroad. The geography of victories has expanded at a breakneck pace, so today such cities include awards from Sochi to Venezuela and Berlin.

Throughout its history, the enterprise has become a leader in the meat-processing industry in Belarus, and now on the territory of the enterprise, work will take place to modernize it and replace outdated equipment.

Products of the Berezovsky meat-packing plant

The product catalog for the entire history of the enterprise has expanded significantly. Every year the company releases new products that soon become sales hits. Among the products produced by meat processing plants:

• Cooked sausages;

• Sausages, sausages;

• Sausage products from offal;

• Cooked-smoked sausages;

• Semi-smoked sausages;

• Raw-smoked and dry-cured sausages;

• Raw smoked and dry-cured pork and beef products;

• Fat products;

• Semi-finished products;

• Pelmeni;

• Canned food sterilized, pasteurized;

• Canned food for feeding dogs and cats;

• Semi-finished products from beef of meat breeds.

Brand shops of the Berezovsky meat-packing plant

You can always buy retail goods in the company's stores. They are located in some cities of Belarus, such as Bereza, Baranovichi, Beloozersk, Drogichin, Pervomaisk, Pruzhany, Kamenets, Novye Zasimovichi, Kossovo, Ivatsevichi, Brest, Minsk, Mogilev.