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History of the Kommunarka brand

The history of the brand begins in 1905, when the trade certificate of the Rachkovsky coffee house was received in Minsk. Five years later, the first store was created, and by 1914 the first factory was built. Only in 1926 it was renamed Progress. And three years later, she became everyone's familiar Kommunarka in honor of the 12th anniversary of the October Revolution.

All this time, the factory produced unwrapped sweets and cookies, and already in 1931-1932 wrapping machines appeared. At the same time, production of dragees began, chocolate and caramel shops were opened.

Over time, the factory began to produce new recipes that are now considered classics. The company grew and became more and more recognizable. Therefore, already at the end of the 90s foreign firms became interested in it. But the authorities did not find their proposals interesting.

In 2011 alone, Kommunarka put a quarter of its shares in the BEKAS system of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange.

Today Kommunarka is one of the most famous companies for the production of sweets, which all generations love so much.

Kommunarka products

Quality products of the Kommunarka company are the formula for the company's success. The recipe and the variety of flavors take the company to the top of customer requests. Among the Kommunarka products you can see:

• Chocolate;


• Caramel;

• Sets and boxes of chocolates;

• Handmade sweets;

• Lean product;

• Exclusive novelties.

Kommunarka brand stores

Kommunarka products can be purchased in 9 cities throughout Belarus:

• Minsk;

• Bobruisk;

• Brest;

• Vitebsk;

• Gomel;

• Grodno;

• Kobrin;

• Mogilev;

• Shchuchin.

Kommunarka branded sections can be found in most cities of Belarus.

Kommunarka cafes

The most famous coffee shop Kommunarka is located at Aranskaya street, 18. This is not a standard cafe, but a combined coffee house with a chocolate museum. This is a new and “tasty” format that will please every sweet tooth. The sweets on the shelves of this establishment will tell the best about the history of the enterprise. Each visitor can approach the display case and see samples of colorful boxes and photographs of products that have been so loved by all generations. For the most curious lovers of sweets, at the very end, hidden is a canvas bag with real cocoa beans that come to our country from hot Africa. The owners of the establishment allow them to be touched and viewed from any angle, but what is only the smell that reigns there.

But that's not all, the most interesting expositions are those made by the hands of masters. The novelty of the cafe is an unusual tree, which is full of the most favorite chocolates. The tree is illuminated from the inside, which gives it a volume and augmented reality feel. Each of the 15 sweets has its own taste, the recipe of which has been created for decades. Remember for a second the famous liqueur bottles: each candy was molded almost by hand, glued, and the filling was injected with a syringe.

Throughout Belarus, there are 6 such cafes in cities such as Grodno, Brest, Bobruisk and Minsk.

Kommunarka services

In addition to the manufacture of confectionery, the company provides additional services for its customers. These services include:

• Making chocolate in the customer's etiquette;

• Guided tours of the factory.

All additional information can be found on the official Kommunarka website.