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Krasny Pischevik
Krasny Pischevik

Krasny Pischevik

History of the company Krasny Pischevik

The history of the Krasny Pischevik brand began in 1870, when the first yeast plant was built in Bobruisk. After 20 years, the enterprise was reconstructed, but soon the plant ceased operations.

Its renewal took place in 1930, when the factory was reconstructed into Krasny Pischevik. The initial products of production were marmalade, marshmallow and jam. And after 7 years, new workshops began to open, such as halvichny and caramel. It was only in 1987 that a workshop for the production of marshmallows, iris and dragees was opened. From that time on, the company began to modernize the product and became more and more recognizable. New cases and recipes appear, and the quality of the products never ceases to delight customers. The product became so popular that gift sets of marshmallows Krasny Pischevik were included in souvenir sets for the Kremlin.

The factory owes this success to ambitious managers and equally aspiring employees. Each employee contributed to the development of the enterprise, which after the collapse of the USSR was transformed into an open joint stock company.

Today the factory occupies a leading position in the field of confectionery production. The largest importers of products are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland.

Products of the company Krasny Pischevik

Product catalog Krasny Pischevik has always pleased with its abundance. On the shelves of each store you can see a wide range of long-loved sweets. Today Krasny Pischevik offers its customers:

• Zephyr;

• Marmalade;

• Pastila;

• Dragee;

• Halva;

• Kozinaki;


• Iris;

• Honey;

• Paste.

Brand stores of the company Krasny Pischevik

The company's products are loved all over Belarus. Every customer who has ever tasted the product of Krasny Pischevik has come back here more than once. Because buyers are confident that only natural raw materials are used in the production of products and each product is created in accordance with international standards and production requirements. Therefore, the brand network has more than 100 stores throughout the country.

Kommunarka stores can be found in the following cities:

• Minsk;

• Bobruik;

• Mogilev;

• Grodno;

• Gomel;

• Vitebsk;

• Baranovichi;

• Brest;

• Svetlogorsk;

• Zhodino;

• Polotsk;

• Soligorsk;

• Molodechno;

• Zhlobin;

• Orsha;

• Krichev;

• Novopolotsk;

• Ostrovets;

• Vileika;

• Zelenograd;

• Lobnya;

• Slides;

• Lida;

• Borisov;

• Zaslavl;

• Pinsk;

• Starobin;

• Slonim;

• Drogichin;

• Nesvizh;

• Rechitsa;

• Smorgon;

• Kostyukovichi.