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Orshansky Myasokombinat
Orshansky Myasokombinat

Orshansky Myasokombinat

History of the Orsha meat-packing plant

The history of the plant dates back to 1930, where, according to the project, the meat production capacity was calculated at 30 tons per shift. A cannery was built in 5 years.

The enterprise continued to develop until the beginning of the Second World War, during which it was destroyed. After the end of the war, the plant began to be restored, and achieved 100% of the result by 1953.

The plant gained momentum and developed more and more powerful and faster, thanks to the ambition and ability to work of the workers. In 1960, a cannery was created, and after 9 years a refrigerator for 2000 tons of storage.

Already in 1992, the first essence of brand stores was created.

In 1996, the production of raw smoked and dry-cured sausages began, the demand for which immediately increased, which served as a better recognition of the plant.

1998 was the beginning of a new branch of history, since this year the company becomes an open joint stock company.

In 2014, a workshop for the production of baby food was built on the basis of Italian equipment, which allows packaging the product in cans and glass cans.

Today, the company has become a leader in the production of meat products. All meat is made in accordance with international requirements and standards, and spices are carefully selected for each product, which makes it unique.

The entire product is produced efficiently and with high quality, and the consumer's request is monitored, which enables the company to stay afloat and be in demand among customers.

Orsha Meat Processing Plant Products

The product range of the plant has always been rich in unique and high-quality products, including:

•Baby food;

• Canned food (cereals, canned food with a reduced content of phenylalanine, canned food for dogs and cats);

• Sausages (cooked sausages, cooked-smoked and semi-smoked sausages, uncooked smoked and dry-cured sausages, sausages and wieners, smoked pork and beef, non-stock sausages);

• Semi-finished products;

• Products from turkey meat;

• Fat products.