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Santa Bremor
Santa Bremor

Santa Bremor

Santa Bremor history

The history of the enterprise began back in 1993, when the country decided to fill the deficit of fish products. Initially, the company was named Santa-Impex Brest and cooperated with Germany.

In 1997, the first herring fillet appeared, which has not lost its popularity to this day. At that time, fillet became a unique product, as it was produced according to its own recipe and was stored in a vacuum package.

Already in 1998, the idea of creating their own production of Santa Bremor was realized. The company aims at unique production and search for new markets for its products. And after 2 years, it releases its first Top ice cream, which is quickly becoming recognized on the shelves, which makes it a hit.

In 2001, the first fish processing plant was opened, which becomes the best in its segment and is highly competitive with the plants of the entire food industry. A year later, the company produces a unique product - capelin roe in sauce. In that year, the company became the main supplier of capelin around the world. And in the future, Santa Bremor produces ready-made salads in convenient packages that you can take with you on a business trip, visit or have a snack at lunch.

In 2003, the company begins production of semi-finished products, including dumplings and dumplings, a year later Santa Bremor produces crab sticks, and a year later seafood. The company continues to develop and earns the trust of customers throughout the country.

In 2009, the company discovers a new branch of development - the production of natural caviar.

The company devoted the following years to the opening of sites for the production of products from herring fillets and semi-finished products.

Today, Santa Bremor is a leader in food production not only in Belarus, but also in European countries. The high standard set by Santa Bremor lives up to its name by producing products of the highest quality and delicate taste.

Santa Bremor brands

The enterprise is known to every citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Santa Bremor products that are on the shelves of your favorite store are trusted and appreciated for their superior taste and individual approach.

The company unites over twenty trade marks. The brands "Santa Bremor", "Russian Sea", "Matias", "Babushka Anya", "YUKKI", "TOP", "Soletto" are some of the most recognizable in Belarus and Russia.

Santa Bremor products

The company manufactures the following types of products:

• Herring;

• Red fish;

• Seafood;

• Surimi;

• Caviar;

• Capelin roe in sauce;

• Imitated caviar;

• Spreads;

•Canned fish;

• Other fish;

• Semi-finished products;

• Algae and mushrooms;

• Salads;

• Ice cream.