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Savushkin product
Savushkin product

Savushkin product

History of the company Savushkin product

The history of the company begins in 1976, when the first dairy plant was opened in Brest. From this year, the company began to rapidly grow and develop, introduce new production technologies and work, earning the trust of customers. Already in 2001, the official name Savushkin Product was registered, which today is considered a visiting card of Belarus.

The main production criteria have always been naturalness, the absence of preservatives and compliance with all international requirements and standards. This led the Savushkin product to unprecedented success, because from year to year the company remains the market leader.

For 2020, the enterprise has 4 sites for the production of dairy products, two of which are located in Brest and one each in Pinsk and Stolin. Each site has its own requirements, and produces a product that matches the production capabilities of the region. Thus, the Brest plant specializes in the production of exclusively whole milk products and juices. The Pinsk plant produces cheeses, butter and slices, as well as packaging the cheeses that the company produces. The Stolin plant produces the best cheeses, as it covers a small production area.

Today the products are popular in 20 countries of the world, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Singapore, South Korea, Israel and the EU countries.

Savushkin product brands

Throughout its history, the company has opened 5 dairy brands in different price segments:

• Savushkin,

• Brest-Litovsk,

• Optimal,

• SuperKid,

• Laskovoye leto,

• Nastoyaschii.

Each of them makes a great contribution to the unification of the largest catalog of both classic (cream, cottage cheese, curd snacks) and new (grain cottage cheese) dairy products. The range of products is systematically replenished with new types of dairy products, based on consumer preferences and market requirements.

Products of the company Savushkin product

The Savushkin product catalog is quite large, because over the entire history of the enterprise, a large number of innovative products have been produced. Each product is in demand among customers, which means it satisfies their request.

Among the most popular products are yoghurts, kefirs, cocktails with added juice, milk in any form, butter, fermented baked milk and classic sour cream, as well as cheeses, the range of which exceeds all Belarusian factories, and of course, cottage cheese and curd masses.

The products are distinguished by the absence of harmful additives and preservatives, and the production process is a mixture of the best Slavic traditions and well-established technologies for years.