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Fitness center "Argyment"
Fitness center "Argyment"

Fitness center "Argyment"

Fitness services in Argyment gym

Argyment is ready to provide you with individually selected programs, compiled based on your desires and physiological characteristics.

The center offers various types of fitness services:

• TRX Hall;

• Cardiozone;

• 4 fitness rooms;

• Cross and fitness room;

• Boxing hall (with a ring).

Classes are held in the halls, where all the necessary sports equipment is collected.

Classes with a personal trainer in Argyment gym

To achieve the desired results, you need a systematic and competent approach to training. The Argyment room provides an opportunity to study with the best instructors who can guide you on the right path and answer all your questions.

There are 20 personal trainers at your disposal who are ready to take on your body. Getting the body of your dreams has never been easier.

Types of membership in Argyment gym

You can purchase a membership:

• For 1 month - from 85 to 109 rubles;

• For 3 months - from 199 to 279 rubles per month;

• For 6 months - from 369 to 499 rubles per month;

• For 12 months - from 439 to 899 rubles per month.