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Fitness center "Lifestyle"
Fitness center "Lifestyle"

Fitness center "Lifestyle"

Fitness services in Lifestyle gym

The fitness club provides several types of group activities. They have several goals: losing weight, strengthening muscles, stretching, healing the body, etc. You just need to select the program you want and you will be immediately sent to the group lessons.

What does this mean? Group lessons are:

• club card for any fitness area.

• 3 gyms equipped for fitness, including one of the largest fitness gyms in the country and the only Nike branded gym.

• A wide range of equipment: from steps and fitballs to massage equipment.

• Trainers represented by educated instructors who have passed certain stages of training.

A big advantage of Lifestyle is compliance with all agreements, that is, classes are always held on time and are not postponed. ... Some types of workouts require a preliminary registration: TRX, Core + MFR, Pump.

Classes with a personal trainer in the Lifestyle gym

Lifestyle provides the opportunity to train with a personal trainer, where you will discover a fundamentally new level of training.

What's included in the price?

• Teaching new techniques for performing exercises;

• An indication of errors that you did not know or did not notice;

• Submission of new sensations thanks to the secret ingredients of preparation;

• Useful about your body from a trainer who understands physiology at a high level;

You won't notice how your body will begin to change thanks to the training system: and this is not only about losing weight or gaining muscle mass. The coach will straighten your shoulders literally and figuratively.

Due to the epidemiological situation around the world, the Lifestyle fitness club offers online training sessions.

The coach contacts you by phone and arranges the first training session.

The meeting takes place in any way convenient for you: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

Types of membership in Lifestyle gym

You can purchase a membership:

• For 1 month - from 88 to 109 rubles per month;

• For 3 months - from 70 to 89 rubles per month;

• For 6 months - from 60 to 78 rubles per month;

• For 12 months - from 50 to 66 rubles per month.