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Fitness center "Mir Fitnesa"
Fitness center "Mir Fitnesa"

Fitness center "Mir Fitnesa"

Fitness services in Mir Fitnesa

Mir Fitnesa - systematic training of all muscle groups according to individually tailored programs. Tell us about the desired results, and you will be immediately selected a program that will lead you to the figure of your dreams. Proposed destinations include:

• Aqua fitness;

• Children's fitness;

• Aerobic classes;

• Classes of mixed format;

• Martial arts;

• Dance classes;

• Spinning, etc.

Classes with a personal trainer in Mir Fitnesa

For training to be effective, the services of a personal trainer are required. He will develop a training plan and will monitor its implementation.

Mir Fitnesa offers a personal trainer for the following sports:

• Swimming;

• Martial arts;

• Gym.

Types of membership at Mir Fitnesa

The fitness center offers the following types of membership:

• Swimming pool and fitness - from 140 to 880 rubles;

• Gold - from 1950 to 4200 rubles;

• Fitness only - from 110 to 570 rubles;

• Family - from 456 to 1672 rubles.