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Fitness center "Olympia Gym"
Fitness center "Olympia Gym"

Fitness center "Olympia Gym"

Fitness services at Olympia Gym

The main directions of the club:

• Martial arts: taekwondo, aikido, boxing, wushu;

• Fitness: pilates, stepping, zumba, crossfit, step dance, etc .;

• swimming pool;

• Gym;

• Spa area.

Classes with a personal trainer at the Olympia Gym

If you need help with training or professional advice, you can use the service of a professional trainer.

A specialist will be selected for you depending on your preferences and desired results. He will be able to explain you the correct exercise and give you the right dose of motivation.

Types of membership at the Olympia Gym

Olympia Gym offers the following types of membership:

• Green standart;

• Blue standart;

• Red standart.

They include different types of services and are available for purchase for 6 and 12 months. You can find the details on the official website of the center.