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Goldie’s_Gym Fitness center "Goldie’s Gym"
Fitness center "Goldie’s Gym"

Fitness center "Goldie’s Gym"

Fitness services at Goldie's gym

The fitness club "Goldie's Gym" provides various types of training, both with and without a personal instructor in the following areas:

• Thai boxing;

• Dance kids;

• Total body;

• Upper body;

• Step & sculpt;

• Functional training;

• Tabata;

• Body sculpt.

Classes are held at a flexible schedule and reasonable prices in small groups, which increases the effectiveness of training.

Classes with a personal trainer at Goldie's gym

If you need help with training or professional advice, you can use the service of a professional trainer.

Every trainer in Goldie’s gym is an active athlete, a true professional and enthusiast. Experts will advise on nutrition, help you create an individual training program and achieve your goal.

Types of membership at Goldie's gym

Goldie’s gym offers the following types of membership:

• Full day subscription - from 185 rubles to 780 rubles;

• Day pass - from 65 to 575 rubles;

• Subscription of the day off - 55 rubles;

• Subscription of visits - from 16 to 95 rubles.