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Fitness directions in STRONG GYM

Coming to the fitness room, you can achieve several goals:

• Visibly lose weight and tighten your figure;

• Support the body during pregnancy;

• Gain muscle mass;

• To regain shape after injury;

• Straighten your back and correct your posture;

• Become more confident in yourself.

To do this, you should sign up for a free workout at the STRONG GYM fitness center. The registration is carried out through the form on the site.

Classes with a personal trainer at STRONG GYM

The Strong gym provides a personal trainer service. How will the service be useful to you?

1. You will learn how to work with simulators, how to eat properly during training and the approximate timing of the first results;

2. You will learn the correct exercise technique, productive tricks, and safety techniques to avoid injury and overload.

3. You will receive an individual training program and personal nutritional advice.

You can sign up for a personal training session on the official website of the fitness center.

Types of membership in STRONG GYM

The fitness center provides an opportunity to purchase a subscription at the following prices:

• 1 month - 48 rubles;

• 3 months - 180 rubles;

• 6 months - 320 rubles;

• 12 months - 480 rubles.