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History of the enterprise Belaruskali

The history of the enterprise begins in 1963, since it was in these years that a deposit of potash salts was discovered in Belarus and the first potash plant was launched in Soligorsk.

Over time, the plant was improved by trial and error. Therefore, already in the 80s, the company had 17% of the world market.

The enterprise suffered decline, lack of government support and strikes. But in 1994, with the arrival of A.G. Lukashenko, the enterprise returned to the state. Support that was the start of a new history of the enterprise.

The billionth ton of ore was mined already in 2003. The company developed every year, and by 2010 it had become one of the main sources of support for the Belarusian economy.

On August 12, 2018, Sinochem Group and the Belarusian Potash Company sign a five-year supply memorandum.

On January 30, 2020, the first high-quality potassium chloride concentrate was produced from ore mined at the Petrikovskoye deposit.

Production of Belaruskali

The original Starobinskoye potash salt deposit is the raw material base of the enterprise and one of the largest finds in the whole world. Today production of Belaruskali is represented by 6 mines and 4 processing plants. Replenishment of the ore base is the main task of the current stage of development of the Starobinskoye deposit.

In recent years, a complete technical re-equipment of strongite processing plants has been underway. All the old equipment, which has become unusable and calls into question the safety of employees, are replaced with more productive and economical ones. Thus, rational changes are being made to the schemes for the production of potassium chloride, and technological lines are being improved.

Technologies for the production of Belaruskali

The technological process for the manufacture of mineral fertilizers by the steam granulation method consists in obtaining NPK fertilizers by granulating dry initial components in the presence of steam and water.

The following stages of the technological process are known:

• Supply and storage of raw materials;

• Supply of initial components to the production building;

• Dosing, grinding and feeding the initial components into the technological process;

• Manufacturing of a charge for granulation;

• Granulation by means of pelletizing;

• Drying of pelletized goods;

• Cleaning of waste gases;

• Classification of hot products with isolation of retur;

• Cooling of the oversize product;

• Systematization of the chilled product;

• Conditioning of semi-finished product;

• Warehousing and shipment of finished products.

Products Belaruskali

Today, Belaruskali products are more popular in the market than ever before. The company produces approximately every 6th ton of potash fertilizers worldwide. The products of JSC "Belaruskali" are in demand in 128 countries of the world.

The company's products are delivered to customers by sea transportation through the ports of the Baltic and Black Seas, as well as by rail and road. Usually the entire volume of supplies is carried out in bulk. At the request of the buyer, the products can be packed in containers.

Development prospects of Belaruskali

It is planned to implement the goals and objectives of the promising formation in the following directions:

• increasing the export potential by increasing the company's capacity for the production of potash fertilizers up to 12.5 million tons per year.

To implement this plan, it is planned to launch a fresh mining and processing plant on the basis of the Petrikovsky potash salt deposit by 2020;

• release of a competitive product;

• change in production policy with the release of new products.

All these plans to improve the enterprise are integrated into the Program for the formation of JSC "Belaruskali" until 2020.

To ensure the measured life of the company, it is planned to introduce a number of events to conserve energy and optimize the use of resources, to establish personal power generating capacities. This will serve to reduce the cost of production and increase the competitiveness of the company, and will also consolidate its position in the difficult criteria of the advanced market.

Environmental policy of Belaruskali

Since everyone understands the specifics of the enterprise, it is important to realize what damage this can bring to the safety of the environment. Therefore, sufficient attention is paid to this issue.

Experts promote the opinion that sustainable development of the enterprise will come with the protection and preservation of the environment, since this base will defend the interests of today's and future generations. Consequently, the issue of protecting the environment from the negative impact of production is at the top of the list of the Company's tasks.

To reduce the negative impact of man-made processes on the environment, experts have created an environmental management system, certified in 2001 for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

To protect the environment, it was decided to use modern high-tech equipment. All kinds of measures are being taken to reduce and compensate for the negative impact of mining operations on the landscape and infrastructure facilities, to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Systematically specialists carry out a full analysis of the results of the measures taken to protect the environment. Environmental monitoring is carried out for sources of impact and environmental objects: atmospheric air, surface and underground waters, soils, subsidence of the earth's surface, etc.

In order to implement the maintenance of environmental cleanliness, the company is carrying out a number of works on the serious construction of environmental facilities, approved and implemented programs for the protection of the environment of JSC "Belaruskali". Periodic and systematic work is carried out to optimize the use of natural resources, to reduce the impact on the environment.

The main directions of reducing the adverse effects of potash production on include:

• widespread introduction of selective mining of mine fields;

• engineering protection of territories, settlements and production facilities located in the undermined area;

• high-rise storage of halite waste;

• pumping excess brines;

• introduction of highly efficient flue gas cleaning methods and conversion to natural gas of the Company's fuel-consuming installations;

• re-introduction of waste water in the technical water supply of the company.

JSC "Belaruskali" plans to continue to act in the interests of a favorable life of the future generation, therefore, it will continue to introduce programs to cleanse our nature from harmful gases and emissions.

Contacts and website Belaruskali

The enterprise JSC "Belaruskali" is located at Soligorsk, st. Cake, 5.

The legal address of Belaruskali is located at Minsk, Masherov Avenue, 35.

You can contact the administration of the enterprise by phone +375 (174) 29 86 08 or by e-mail.