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The History of the Belaz enterprise

The birthday of one of the most famous mechanical engineering companies in the country has been celebrated since 1947. In that year, the production of peat engineering began near Minsk. The plant has been improving and growing every year, producing better and more varied products. Already in the mid-50s, it was decided to change the specialization of the plant. And in 1958 the plant received its official name - "Belarusian Automobile Plant".

The first product of the plant was the 27-ton Belaz-540, since that time the plant began to gain momentum in production and gain a foothold as a national pride. Over time, the plant produced more and more powerful dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 75 tons, 110 tons, and then 200 tons.

Already in 1968, the plant could produce up to 6,000 units of manufactured products per year, which amounted to half of the world production.

Throughout the history of Belaz's existence, the enterprise has produced over 130,000 units of quarry and cargo equipment, which breaks the strongest records in the whole world.

Today the plant produces the largest equipment in the former Soviet Union, and sales of cars produced by the plant extend to 50 countries of the world.

Belaz products

Belaz cars were repeatedly recognized as the best according to the results of the annual competition "The best goods in the Republic of Belarus". And this is not surprising, because equipment is bought not only within the country, but also abroad.

The start of sales of the BELAZ-75180 mining dump truck with a lifting capacity of 180 tons with an AC drive began in 2012. The dump truck is equipped with the best modern components and is designed with high reliability in mind.

In 2016, the production of modern sports simulators began, which is a pleasure to practice. Exercise machines are designed for outdoor sports, therefore they have gained considerable popularity. The development of simulators was carried out taking into account all European standards and today serves as a good alternative to similar simulators for indoor spaces.

Dealers and service servers of Belaz

Dealers and service centers serve their customers in 7 regions around the world: Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, Russian Federation, North America and South America.

You can always go to the official website and contact a representative for your region. The site provides detailed information about phone numbers, email addresses and coordinates of the center.

Contacts, website and social networks Belaz

Belaz provides free access to the official website, where you can find detailed information about the company, its products, awards, services and services.

You can ask any question you are interested in by calling +375 1775 2 74 74.

For more detailed information, you can contact the company representatives through the official email address.