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History of Belneftekhim

The history of the enterprise begins in 1997, when the first gas station was put into operation in Rechitsa. The enterprise began active work, and every year it achieved more and more success.

The first significant success was the production of the 100 millionth ton of oil in 1998. The head of state of the Republic of Bashkortostan Lukashenko A.G. came to the ceremony.

In 2005, the Government delegation leaves for Venezuela, where it signs a Memorandum of Cooperation, which implies collective work in the field of oil production.

In 2006, a personal power supply system was created, with the help of which a new type of product is produced - electricity.

2007 gave a new round in cooperation between Belarusian and Russian oil workers, by signing an agreement on sidetracking in the oil fields of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

In June 2009, Belorusneft opened an enterprise in Ukraine, and in October - in Poland. These enterprises are designed to sell small-scale wholesale and retail products of Belarusian production.

In October 2012, a subsidiary was opened in Ecuador.

In February 2015, a new oil deposit was found in the Gomel region.

The enterprise begins cooperation with many countries, such as Argentina, the Republic of Bashkortostan and many CIS countries.

And in 2019, the company celebrated its anniversary - 55 years since the discovery of industrial oil reserves in Belarus. In the same year, the enterprise recorded the highest penetration rate in the entire history of drilling in Belarus.

Belneftekhim products

The Belneftekhim product catalog is quite diverse and includes the following products:

1. Crude oil, which in turn is subdivided into low-sulfur light oil and low-sulfur oil;

2. Liquefied gas. It can be both hydrocarbon liquefied fuel gas and isobutane fraction, normal butane fraction, isopentane fraction, normal pentane fraction;

3. Stable natural gasoline.

All additional information will be provided by the company's specialists in a convenient language of communication (Russian or English). You will be consulted on the import-export of oil, oil products and gas processing products. All contacts are publicly available on the official website of the company.

Gas station Belneftekhim

In 1997, the first Belneftekhim gas station was opened in Rechitsa. Over time, they began to open all over the country, and today Belneftekhim filling stations are one of the most famous gas stations in the country.

In 2019, the reconstruction of Belneftekhim filling stations began on the country's busiest highways. What changes have you made?

First, the visuals have improved significantly, worthy of European standards. Secondly, it is impossible not to notice the bright lighting, which helps drivers to notice the gas station and encourages more passengers to stop. Third, there has been an increase in the number of seats for light vehicles, including for drivers with disabilities and large trucks. The following services have been introduced at the gas station: tire inflation, vacuum cleaner, water refill.

At many modern stations, you can fill any type of fuel, as well as use fuel dispensers with multimedia screens.

Contacts, website and social networks Belneftekhim

Belneftekhim provides free access to the official website, where you can find detailed information about the company, its products, awards, services and services.

You can ask any question you are interested in by calling +375 (232) 79-33-33.

For more detailed information, you can contact the company representatives through the official email address.