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History of the Belshina enterprise

The history of the enterprise began in 1963, when the Council of Ministers ordered the construction of a tire plant. Construction continued until 1972. And after 3 years, the millionth tire was assembled.

In 1979, a mass tire plant began production, and in 1875, a 4 large tire plant began its operation.

In 1992 the enterprise received its official name - Belshina, and continued to develop and improve every year. The pace of development was so high that the plant received the international award Arch of Europe, and the last tire produced was recognized as the best in the CIS countries.

In the 2000s, the company became one of the best tire manufacturers around the world, along with Japan, the USA and France.

Gradually Belshina begins to manufacture goods all over the world, including Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Singapore, the Republic of Ghana, Brazil, etc.

And in 2018, the company even opened its own Belshin Museum.

This year, a 15.44% stake in Belshin was acquired by Belarusbank. Today Belshina is one of the best tire manufacturers in Belarus, 90% of which are radial. 60% of the exported product comes from the Russian Federation.

Belshin's products

Belshin's product catalog is represented by a large assortment of goods, because the company occupies a leading position not only in Belarus, but throughout the world.

Belshin's products include:

• Tires for cars and light trucks;

• Tires for trucks and buses;

• Tires for tractors and agricultural machinery;

• Tires for construction, road and hoisting-and-transport machines;

• Tires for heavy and extra heavy vehicles.

Dealers and partners of Belshina

Belshin's trade networks are represented in the Republic of Belarus, in the Russian Federation, in the CIS countries and far abroad.

All information about countries and partners can be found on the official website of Belshin. To do this, select the required country from the list and scroll down. Here you will find the official name of the company, its address, telephone number and email.

Contacts, website and social networks of Belshin

You can ask any question you are interested in by calling +375 (225) 41-16-15.

For more detailed information, you can contact the company representatives through the official email address.