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The History of the Maz enterprise

The beginning of the work of this plant is considered to be 1942, when the occupants at the site of the plant organized a plant for the repair of Wehrmacht cars. The plant immediately became the best in the occupied Eastern Europe.

Already in the middle of 1947, the construction of the workshops of this plant began, and in the same year the plant produced the first 5 Maz-205 dump trucks. From that day on, the plant began to develop, more and more ideas and production possibilities appeared, and the first cars became the beginning of the Belarusian mechanical engineering.

In the 50s, the construction of the second stage of the plant was completed, and serial production of cars began. The plant began to produce unique products that became the first in the world. Dump trucks began to pick up the biggest awards, such as the Grand Prix in Brussels.

The plant developed every year, improved production technologies and launched new generation vehicles on a large scale.

In 1997, Maz signed an agreement to establish a joint Belarusian-German enterprise Maz-Man.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, serial production of a new generation of trucks of the MAZ-6430/5440 series began.

Today Maz is the largest plant for the production of large equipment in the field of mechanical engineering.

Maz products

Maz's product catalog is quite diverse. The official website provides full access to the products and their descriptions. The assortment of goods is presented:

• Freight vehicles;

• Trailed equipment;

• Special equipment;

• Used vehicles;

The official website will tell you how to choose the right model using the configurator. You will be asked several questions, and based on the answers, they will offer you the model you need.

Prepare to choose an answer from the following questions:

• Type of cargo vehicles;

• Wheel formula;

• Loading capacity;

• Direction of the load;

• The volume of the dump platform.

The manager will contact you and advise you on the offered products.

Maz dealers and service servers

The Minsk Automobile Plant directly sells vehicles and spare parts only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In all other countries, the sale is carried out through official representatives. Maz dealers operate in 42 countries around the world. A list of them can be found on the official website of the company.

In front of each dealer you will find his contact information (address, telephone and e-mail).

Maz services

Maz company provides the following types of services:

• Welding and restoration, turning, milling, grinding and locksmith works;

• Conducting laboratory research and testing of metals and materials;

• Various types of work on the repair and restoration of cars and trucks;

• Manufacturing of tooling - die equipment and cutting tools, goods for the suburban area, metal structures; production of steel and cast iron castings; production of products and parts according to customer drawings, cutting of blanks.

• Professional training and advanced training of specialized workers;

• Passenger and cargo transportation;

• Hotel services;

• Paid medical services;

• Family rest and recreation.

Contacts, website and social networks Maz

Maz provides free access to the official website, where you can find detailed information about the company, its products, awards, services and services.

You can ask any question you are interested in by calling +375 17 217 22 22.

For more detailed information, you can contact the company representatives through the official email address.