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History of the Naftan

The history of the plant begins in 1958, its construction was even declared an all-Union shock construction site. O.A. Ktatorov became the first director of the plant. Novopolotsk Street was named after him.

Already in 1963, the first gasoline was obtained on the territory of the plant. The enterprise gave great prospects and achieved incredible success.

In 1971, Naftan received the well-deserved Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the work done and achieving such high indicators.

But in the 80s, Naftan is experiencing difficulties with large emissions into the atmosphere and difficulties in the construction of new installations. The plant management tried to solve the problems, and over time they succeeded. The plant continued to develop and improve the processes of creating industrial goods.

In 2002, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint stock company Naftan. And in 2006 the plant launched a joint project with Lukoil for the production of oil additives.

In 2008, the Polymir enterprise was joined to Naftan.

USA sanctions were applied against Naftan, which were gradually lifted.

Today the refinery is one of the main Belarusian oil refineries.

Products Naftan

The plant produces a quality product known not only domestically, but also abroad. Most of the plant's products are exported to the countries of the European Union.

The product catalog is quite diverse and includes 70 names of petrochemical products, including:

• motor gasolines (including AI-95, AI-98);

• diesel fuels of various brands (including diesel fuels of European quality EN 590);

• fuel for jet engines (RT);

• boiler fuels;

• lubricating oils of a wide range;

• additives and oil additive packages;

• petroleum solvents in a wide range;

• petroleum bitumen (construction, road, roofing);

• aromatic hydrocarbons of high purity (paraxylene, orthoxylene, pseudocumene, benzene);

• sulfuric acid;

• and other products of oil refining and petrochemicals.

Naftan products

Since 2011, all volumes of diesel fuel produced by Naftan, which are exported to Ukraine, are sold through the Belarusian Oil Company - BNK-Ukraine.

All detailed information is presented on the official website of BNK-Ukraine.

Now the Belarusian Oil Company has started selling automobile diesel fuel ЕН 590, grade F, type II through the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange.

Infrastructure of Naftan

The Naftan enterprises have a well-developed infrastructure. It includes:

• football club Naftan. Belarusian FC from Novopolotsk, two-time winner of the Belarus Cup;

• sanatorium Naftan. Medical recreation center, located in the forest of Belarus. The arsenal of the sanatorium has decent medical care and modern equipment;

• Palace of Culture. The operating palace, the events of which can be found on the official website of the enterprise;

• Unitary enterprise Naftan-service. Services for company employees;

• Naftan Spetstrans. Rental of specialized equipment;

• Polyclinic Naftan. A medical institution that takes care of the health of the company's employees.

Contacts, website and social networks Naftan

Naftan provides free access to the official website, where you can find detailed information about the company, its products, awards, services and services.

You can ask any question you are interested in by calling +375 (214) 59-41-55.

For more detailed information, you can contact the company representatives through the official email address.