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Brand history of Marko

The history of the enterprise begins in 1991, when the first footwear factory was built in Minsk. The first pair of shoes to come off the assembly line was a pair of men's leather low shoes. By the way, this model is still being produced and is popular with a strong half of humanity. In this regard, the familiar letter "M" became the logo of the enterprise.

In 1995, Marco took up the production of children's and teenage shoes.

The enterprise began to develop rapidly and in large volumes to produce footwear under the name badge, so a year later they released a millionth pair, which was a great indicator in such a short time.

In 1996, a branded retail network appeared, which only provoked employees to do more and better. New methods of creating shoe masterpieces were mastered, new styles and models were tried. So, in 1997, the company mastered the glue method, which made it possible to create female models.

2003 was marked by the introduction of a new type of winter pair - high fur boots. And after 2 years, the production of sports models began.

In 2006 the company opens its first restaurant called Golden Lion. And in 2008, Marko builds his own business center, Marco City.

Today Marco is the most famous brand in the whole country. Everyone is familiar with the corporate emblem of the enterprise - the image of two lions on both sides of the graphic image of genuine leather in the center of which the year of foundation of the 1st factory and the name of the enterprise. A crown is proudly hung at the top of the coat of arms, which marks the company's leadership among competitors.

The company's branding has always been highlighted in red, implying audacity, leadership and movement!

Today the company uses modern high-tech equipment and has 20 years of experience in production. Due to this, customers trust the company, and Marco continues to develop and remain a competitive enterprise in the footwear market.

Marko brand products

The Belarusian leather and footwear company Marko produces footwear for the whole family. An important competitive advantage is the catalog of goods, numbering 2000 shoe models. Moreover, the assortment is updated up to 80% annually.

Shoes are made for both men and women, as well as for children and adolescents. Moreover, each model is distinguished by its unique quality and design approach.

Marko's products meet all world production standards. The company is known for the combination of comfort, quality and design vision of each model.

Each product is designed for its own consumer audience, which is why the company is so popular. The status collections of footwear “Marko Collection” and “Marko Premier” are in particular demand.

But Marko cares not only about clients whose paying capacity is above average, therefore the company annually produces a collection of footwear “Marko City Style”. The footwear remains high quality and comfortable, but its favorable price is due to the use of artificial materials.

Marko also produces sports shoes from the Spotter collection - footwear for outdoor activities and sports. The products of this collection are distinguished by their practicality and convenience.

The most popular collections in the production catalog are:

• "Marko City Style" - products using artificial materials;

• "San Marko collection" - footwear for children and adolescents from 17 to 43 sizes;

• "Marko Spotter" - footwear for sports;

• "Marco Boots" - footwear for wearing in bad weather;

• "Marko Gator" - garden and beach shoes;

• "Marko Home" - shoes for home.

Marko brand stores

Since the founding of the first store to the present day, the company is interested in selling more quality products.

Today in Belarus there are 85 Marko stores. But the company does not believe that this is the limit, so the expansion of the company can be seen every year.

Maintain interest among buyers in the company with affordable prices, as well as various promotions, games and offers. The merit of the company is to achieve a high degree of customer loyalty.