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Light industry

Light industry in Belarus

Light industry in Belarus occupies, according to various estimates, about 28-30% of the total production of non-food products. The largest enterprises in the industry are part of the Bellegprom concern and produce about 80% of the total industry volume. In general, about 500 light industry enterprises operate in our country, which produce more than 5 thousand items of products.

The light industry of the Republic of Belarus has a high level of export. For a number of years, the main export forces remain RUPTP “Orshansky Flax Mill”, OJSC “Kamvol”, Grodno RUPP “Groniteks”, OJSC “Milavitsa”, OJSC “Komintern” and other enterprises.

The development of the light industry in Belarus

Textile industry

The textile industry accounts for 48.8% of total light industry production in Belarus. There are more than 1,400 enterprises and production facilities in the industry, employing more than 150,000 people.

The main types of textile products are:

- flax fiber;

- yarn (cotton, linen, woolen and staple, or synthetic fibers);

- fabrics (cotton, linen, woolen and silk);

- garments (hosiery and knitwear, ready-made clothes);

- leather shoes and leather goods (or leather haberdashery);

- fur and fur products;

- carpets and many other textile products (or haberdashery).

Leather and footwear industry

The leather and footwear industry is one of the oldest in Belarus. At the beginning of its formation, small enterprises dominated where manual labor was used. Relatively large enterprises began to emerge in the 1880s. The largest center of leather production was Smorgon.

Raw materials for the production of natural leathers: cattle and pig hides. Suppliers are mainly meat processing enterprises and procurement organizations of consumer cooperatives of Belkoopsoyuz.

The leather and footwear industry in recent years has faced the problem of providing enterprises with high-quality raw materials.

A promising direction is the use of domestic leather goods in the furniture industry.

Knitting industry

This fully applies to the knitting industry, which is currently one of the most important sectors for the production of consumer goods in the structure of the light industry of the Republic of Belarus and forms 25% of its production.

Knitted products have a number of useful properties. Its advantages: high hygiene, low creasing, good drape, the ability to fit the figure, elasticity, ease of use. The useful properties of knitted products predetermined the high pace of its production and a wide range of products and fabrics for both household and technical use:

linen and light outerwear (blouses, skirts, women's dresses, dressing gowns), which are made in most cases from circular knitted fabrics obtained on circular knitting machines in the form of a tube, or warp knitted produced on flat knitting machines;

outer and sports knitwear (sweaters, cardigans, tracksuits) made of knitted fabrics (by cutting and sewing cut out details), coupons (by cutting and sewing) and sets of parts that are parts of a cut of a certain shape;

hosiery production, which includes products related to round-hosiery machines;

other jerseys (shawls, scarves, faux fur, batting, etc.).

Sewing industry

The sewing industry of light industry includes about 170 manufactures. Among the largest are clothing factories:

1) OJSC Komintern in Gomel;

2) "Banner of industrialization" in Vitebsk;

3) JV CJSC Milavitsa and OJSC Progress in Minsk;

4) CJSC “Vesnyanka” in Mogilev.

The main activity of these enterprises is the tailoring of suits and outerwear, items of children's clothing, underwear, hats and fur products. The largest garment factories in Belarus have a “portfolio” of export brands that are exported not only within the CIS, but also to the UK, Denmark, Poland, the USA, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

The best light industry enterprises in Belarus


To begin with, we will tell you a bit from the history of the company. In 1908, the Tournier brothers established a haberdashery factory for the production of ladies' crests in Minsk. In 1925, the Spartak artel was organized for the production of haberdashery plastic products by former employees of the private factory of Tournier. After the nationalization of the artel, the Belorussk factory was created. It was the first state haberdashery enterprise in the USSR. In 1932 it was renamed the Frunze factory.

The company operates under four brands:

1) Milavitsa

Milavitsa's product portfolio includes corsetry, a waistband, shapewear, swimwear, and sleepwear.

The Milavitsa collection is divided into: classic, fashion and a collection of swimwear. The classic collection is based on a wide variety of models for every day, combining the basics of classic design, comfortable designs and functional materials. Collections of fashionable lingerie and swimwear are created for each season, following fashion trends in design, materials and accessories.

2) Aveline

These are high-quality comfortable underwear for everyday use at affordable prices. Aveline products are developed and manufactured by Milavitsa, which is a guarantee of high quality and compliance with company standards. Under the Aveline brand, corsetry, waist belt, and shapewear are produced.

3) Alisee

Alisee is a French brand of underwear manufactured under license by Milavitsa. The creation of the image of the Alisee collection is done by European stylists and designers.

4) Hidalgo

The Hidalgo men's underwear line combines classic shapes with comfortable, natural materials.

For more information follow the link.

Orsha Flax Mill

Orsha Flax Mill is a textile company that processes linen fiber and produces linen fabrics, as well as finished piece and sewing products from them. The factory can produce more than 1,500 articles of fabrics of various weaves, sizes and patterns. Among them are fabrics for table and bed linen, furniture, curtains, decorative, towels, costume and dress fabrics, side fabrics, fabrics for painting, decorative paths. The assortment of fabrics has significantly expanded due to the use of weaving of yarns of cotonized fiber and filament yarns using combing of higher numbers.

To give the products the corresponding consumer and functional properties, the following types of final finishes of household fabrics are provided at the flax mill:

1) smooth dyeing of fabrics for bed and table linen, clothing, decorative and furniture fabrics;

2) matte finish when processing bedding fabrics;

3) non-shrink finish using a fabric shrink machine;

4) glossy finish when processing fabrics for table linen and towels;

5) softening finish;

6) applying a printed pattern to linen and half-linen fabrics on a carousel-type printing machine.

For more information follow the link.


Holding “Belarusian leather and footwear company “Marco” is one of the largest shoe manufacturers among the CIS countries. The holding includes organizations specializing in the production of:

1) footwear - limited liability company “Holding Management Company“ Belarusian Leather and Footwear Company “Marco”, Open Joint-Stock Company “Red October”, Unitary Production Enterprise “Verdimar”;

2) bags and leather goods - the unitary manufacturing enterprise "VitMa";

3) fur and garments made of it - the unitary enterprise "Vitebsk fur factory";

An important competitive advantage of the company is its wide range: more than 2000 models of shoes. The product range is updated to 80% per year.

The range of men's, women's and children's shoes under the Marco brand impresses with its variety, exclusive design, elegance, which meets the tastes of the most strict connoisseurs.

For more information follow the link.


OJSC Kupalinka is a stably developing company in the Belarusian light industry market, one of the largest enterprises of the Bellegprom concern. We are engaged in the production of underwear and knitwear for adults and children over forty-five years.

The products offered by the company have an attractive and modern design, have an original finish and a wide color gamut, and have high consumer properties and quality, as evidenced by quality certificates. You can offer a wide range of products from cotton, viscose and other natural fabrics, of all age groups with a full size range.

The company strives to satisfy the needs of any consumer as much as possible and, in the future, make the customer a regular customer. Buyers are the main value of Kupalinka.

More information you can see here.


Kamvol OJSC is the largest manufacturer of textile products with a full production cycle: from yarn production to fabric production and product delivery to Europe and the CIS.

Today Kamvol OJSC can offer you a wide range of modern dress-and-suit and trousers in pure wool, woolen, half-woolen fabrics with an insert of polyester fiber, viscose, PA, PAN, elastane lycra, and linen in various combinations.

More about products you can read here.


Svitanak OJSC is one of the leading enterprises of the Bellegprom concern and has been successfully operating in the knitwear market for more than 40 years.

The company's products are knitwear made of cotton and blends of cotton with polyester, elastane, viscose, linen. For the production of products, the company uses only environmentally friendly materials with high hygiene indicators and excellent consumer properties. The company produces clothes for adults and children: underwear, lightweight knitwear for leisure, home knitwear, clothing for sports.

The main goal of the company is the production of high-quality modern clothes. Svitanak OJSC products for excellent quality and reasonable price have already been appreciated in Russia, as well as in other CIS countries, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Baltic countries.

For more information follow the link.


Mogotex OJSC is the largest producer of textile products in the Republic of Belarus, a recognized leader in the market of the Russian Federation, countries of near and far abroad. The company has been operating since 1973.

Mogotex OJSC processes such types of raw materials as polyester, viscose, cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose yarns.

The company produces a wide range of fabrics for special and uniform clothes, raincoats, for special equipment and leather goods industry, lining, decorative, furniture, curtains, knitwear, technical linens, special and uniform clothes, home textile products.

For more information follow the link.


Today, Pinsk Polesie Industrial and Commercial Association OJSC is one of the largest and most modern light industry enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS in the production of knitted outerwear, semi-woolen and high-volume yarn. The total production area of ​​75.7 thousand square meters. The number of employees is about 2.3 thousand people.

Since February 2010 there was a union of production facilities of two factories: worsted and bulk yarn.

The association includes:

production area:

spinning mill;

knitwear factory.

Non-productive sphere includes:

housing and communal services (hostel);

Pinsky knitwear branches: No. 1 of Vitebsk, No. 2 of Gomel, No. 3 of Mogilev, which include wholesale stores, company stores, retail facilities and company sections of “Pinsky knitwear” and branch No. 4 of Pinsk in the structure of which includes company stores and stores with the single name "Pinsky knitwear";

Wholesale warehouse in Minsk.

For more information follow the link.


OJSC Alesya sells hung plastic, plastic containers, assorted buttons. These products can be found and purchased in company stores of Alesya OJSC.

Alesya OJSC guarantees product quality subject to the following recommendations:

care for the products in accordance with the care symbols;

products with contrasting finishes and metal fittings do not soak;

use neutral detergent without bleach;

drying products only on a flat surface, away from radiators, avoiding direct sunlight.

For more information follow the link.


Vesnyanka fashion is a well-known Belarusian brand that produces high-quality outerwear for the whole family, costume and dress assortment for women, summer assortment of linen and cotton fabrics, as well as business-style clothes for students.

A high level of organization of production allows us to produce clothes of European level, stylish, modern, and comfortable to wear.

The team of professionals, aimed at the result, from year to year fulfills its main goal - to give joy to customers with their products.

For more information follow the link.


Bellegprom is a Belarusian state concern for the production and sale of consumer goods.

The concern includes:

1) the textile industry, which includes such organizations as OJSC BPHO, OJSC Sukno, CJSC JV Sopoteks, RUPTP Orshansky Flax Mill and others.

2) the knitting industry, which includes such organizations as OJSC Alesya, OJSC Belfa, OJSC Kupalinka and others.

3) the sewing industry, which includes such organizations as BSHF OJSC, Fashion Center OJSC, joint venture Milavitsa CJSC and others.

4) the leather industry, which includes the Active Shuz FE, CJSC DFZ and other organizations.

Bellegprom Exhibition

Bellegprom annually holds an exhibition of consumer goods.

Subjects of the exhibition: clothing, children's clothing, fabrics and non-woven materials, knitwear (linen, upper, linen, hosiery), underwear, corsetry, swimwear, fur, leather, fur and leather products and much more.

Popular Belarusian designers

Our list includes the most successful and fashionable Belarusian designers who develop authorial fashion. They regularly improve their skills, hone their skills, and also take a direct part in international fashion shows and exhibitions. Among them you can find such names as Alena Goretskaya, Larisa Balunova, Nikolai Morozov, Natalya Lyakhovets, Natalia Korzh, Julia Latushkina, Irina Boytik.

You can read more about each of the designers here.