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Milavitsa brand history

The history of the company began in 1908, when the French founded a haberdashery factory for the production of ladies' combs. The factory produced celluloid ladies' combs, men's combs, buttons and other products.

Faced with the Second World War, the factory did not leave production, but began to develop even more. Now the range of production includes bags and workwear.

1964 became a significant year for the enterprise, because this year the factory began to sew corsets and launched the largest production of women's underwear throughout the USSR.

In 1991 the enterprise received its familiar name Milavitsa. And a year later the first store was opened in Minsk. The company began to actively develop, and already in 1995 released a collection of swimwear. The production was carried out in accordance with all quality standards, therefore it was knocked out of the country.

In 1998, Milavitsa received three awards from the French magazine Madame Figaro for original design, which is a great victory in the field of production.

In 2003, a rebranding took place, the style and logo of the enterprise changed.

In 2007 Milavitsa received the Brand of the Year Consumer nomination.

In 2008 the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, therefore a museum is opened on the territory of the factory and a book titled "Milavitsa. 100 Years of History" is published.

Already in 2011, the company could boast of opening more than 450 stores in 16 countries.

And today Milavitsa is the largest brand for the production of underwear in Belarus and one of the largest brands for the production of corsetry in Eastern Europe. 25 countries of the world are actively buying Milavits products, and the company continues to delight customers with original design, quality and ready-made solutions.

Milavitsa brand products

The brand is known all over the world, which motivates the creators to release new units of goods and compete with foreign companies. Today the product range includes:

• women's underwear;

• swimwear;


•men's underwear.

Milavitsa brand stores

The company's branded stores are open in 25 countries of the world: there are more than 300 stores in Russia, 80 in Ukraine, more than 120 in other CIS countries and in the European Union. As for Belarus, there are 51 brand stores operating there, fifteen of which are located in Minsk.