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Luxury restaurants in Minsk

Hospitality plays a great part in the attitude to the foreigners and guests in Belarus. For any Belarussian to be hospitable means the be friendly, kind, warm-hearted, outgoing and, moreover, to be a generous host. The most festive and luxury dishes are prepared for the table, cut-glass ware is taken out of the cupboards and an amazing atmosphere of exchanging views and opinions fills the living room. Being catered by the host at home-like surroundings is the best pleasure to receive in Belarus but numerous luxury restaurant in Minsk can boast of not having too many differences in terms of atmosphere and cuisine.

Chefs are inventing new recipes and try hard to please the taste of the most demanding guests by adding a note of exclusiveness to every dish. Luxury interiors of restaurants and cafes are invigorating and breathtaking and gain favour with visitors whose desire is to feel like a king or a queen or simply enjoy the magnificence of the kitchen and the company.

The location of practically every luxury restaurant in Minsk is auspicious to further enjoyment of the city, its nightlife and beauty. Luxury restaurants mainly introduce foreign exquisite cuisine to the Belarussians giving them the opportunity to try sophisticated dishes from French cuisine without going to Paris or taste Spanish tapas and Mexican nachos while still staying in the heart of Europe.

Luxury cafes in Minsk offer a wide variety of coffee and tea that can be accompanied by the a most delicious dessert. Strong espresso, soft cappuccino and mild latte have even better taste and odour being carefully made by the hands of professional baristas who count every drop of coffee and milk to make the beverage truly splendid. Home-baked cookies and pastry from Minsk bakeries please both the eye and the taste. Asian and Middle East cookery is also present, so every guest can give a treat to something new.

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and elegance, grandeur and splendour. Every city has its places of luxury be it a restaurant or a café, a hotel or a concert hall but what these places have in common is that they allow their guests to feel special and unique.

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