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Luxury Premium Restaurants

Hospitality plays a big role in the attitude towards foreigners and guests in Belarus. For any Belarusian, to be hospitable means to be friendly, kind, hearty, sociable and to be a generous host. The most festive and luxurious dishes are prepared for the table, crystal dishes are taken out of wardrobes, and a wonderful atmosphere of exchange of views and opinions reigns in the living room. Being a satisfied host at home is the best pleasure in Belarus, but numerous luxury restaurants in Minsk boast that they do not have too many differences in terms of atmosphere and cuisine.

Classification and types of restaurants

One star, fourth grade

It's the lowest class of restaurants. It assumes mandatory toilets and sinks and a clean tablecloth on the table. Heating in the cold season and air conditioning or good ventilation in the hot season are also mandatory. For service of 24 visitors, there is 1 employee. In addition, the kitchen must be separated from the main hall and must be well ventilated so that odors do not enter the hall. A precondition for any general catering facility is the availability of a refrigerator and water in the kitchen. A restaurant that meets all these requirements is assigned a single star.

Two stars - third class

Restaurants in this category, apart from all mandatory requirements, must provide 1 staff member for 20 visitors. They are also distinguished from fourth class restaurants by their higher requirements for tableware and dishes.

Three stars - second class

Second class restaurants should provide visitors with a large area of at least 1.5 square meters for each visitor at the table. One staff member must serve a maximum of 15 visitors.

Four stars - first class

These restaurants have a large area. There should be an administrator and a waiter at this restaurant for 5 visitors. The menu must be in at least two foreign languages.

Five stars, top class.

In a five-star restaurant, even the furniture has special requirements. Tables and chairs must be made of precious wood and be comfortable. At such a restaurant, the customer has the right to request the restaurant director and the administrator at any time. There is one waiter and one assistant for 5 clients. The menu also has to be in several foreign languages.

Menu of expensive luxury restaurants

Restaurants with author's cuisine

We have made for you a list of the best restaurants with author's cuisine in Minsk. Here you can taste dishes of both Old Slavonic and European cuisine.

  1. Drozdy Club
  2. Dubrov
  3. Grand Courchevel
  4. Catch
  5. Erivan
  6. The View
  7. Druzya
  8. Polugar Bar
  9. Gostiny Dvor
  10. Butler
  11. Beef&Fire
  12. Wood&Fire

Menu Features for Top Class Restaurants

The menu in luxury restaurants serving foreign guests is printed in three languages: English, French and German. Also in high-class establishments, you can ask for the menu without prices for your companion.

Elite alcoholic drinks

TOP restaurants with elite alcohol.

  1. Bella Rosa
  2. Falcone
  3. Clever Irish Pub
  4. Expidicia
  5. Wood&Fire

Unusual desserts

The best establishments with unusual desserts in Minsk:

  1. Bakery du Soleil
  2. Faces coffee club
  3. Valenka
  4. Filini
  5. La Crete d'or

Premium class restaurants in Minsk on the map


The chef together with the team developed the menu. It is an author's performance of Slavic cuisine, supplemented with original serving. Gourmets are sure to find their dish: there are delicacies in the menu.

DOM cuisine is exceptionally fresh products and high requirements to the environment. In particular, meat is purchased from proven farms. As for desserts, they are all homemade, including ice cream.

The bar list is impressive: it contains more than a hundred and thirty drinks. You should definitely try a number of branded nalivka: "spicy cherry", blackcurrant, and crambambul. There is not a gram of sugar in their recipe, only natural components. It should be noted that bartenders also cook toppings and syrups themselves. The change of seasons does not do without seasonal offers.


European cuisine is on the menu of Cafe de Paris restaurant. It is primarily French cuisine's dishes: foie gras with orange, Burgundy snails, salad "Nicoise", baked onion soup, duck with honey and gratin "Dauphinois", milliffee with vanilla cream and berries, cream-brulee. And also Italian: risotto with white mushrooms and truffle oil, black risotto with shrimp and bisque sauce, talliolini with veal stew and cachio e pepe fondue. Chef's signature offers include foie gras pâté with caramelized pear, ravioli with white mushrooms and truffle sauce, Black Angus ribey steak with whisky sauce and beef cheeks with green peas mash.


The interior of the Milano Café is decorated in a modern style. The laconic design is accentuated by the upholstery of sofas in tiffany color combined with the "silver" worktops and bar counter. Black and white photos of Milan's sights add to the atmosphere of the place.

Milano Café's menu features European cuisine with Chef's author's vision. Milano Café offers beef tagliatha with white mushrooms, tagliatelle with lamb stew and pine nut, risotto with shrimps, pesto and bisque sauce, brioche with fried banana and ice-cream. Vegetarians will taste broccoli cream soup with spinach and truffle oil. Special attention in Milano Café's menu was paid to pasta - for example, orzo pasta with beef and gorgonzola will not leave anyone indifferent.


The main principle of "Simple" restaurant is to understand the products from which the dishes are prepared. His team is inspired by the minimalism and aesthetics of modern Scandinavian cuisine, warmth of native latitudes. Only the best local Belarusian products are used in preparation of the dishes.

The concept of new Belarusian cuisine will please those who are ready to try something really unusual and unusual. The chef has at his disposal all modern methods of cooking. New dishes constantly appear in the menu, replacing the old ones, there are 15-20 positions, constantly rotating them. The dishes are called very simple: duck, beef, turkey and so on - you immediately understand what you get.

Connoisseurs will note for themselves the variety of wine list of the institution, which perfectly complement the cuisine. Two sommeliers work in "Simple" and tell guests about wines from the best winemakers of the world. The facility has large wine list, many bottle positions - you can choose an excellent variant for any dish you like.


The cafe is located in the building of a real greenhouse - a circle of exotic plants, you can hear a parrot singing in the distance. Guests can taste various stuffed pikeperch or chicken, vegetable, meat and fish plateaus, various snacks and salads. A choice of hot dishes will be delightful: from beef rolls to salmon steak. In addition, the institution is ready to prepare almost any dish to order.

How to book a table

You can make a reservation by calling the phone number of the institution or at

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and elegance, greatness and magnificence. Each city has its own luxurious places, whether it is a restaurant, cafe, hotel or concert hall, but they are united by the fact that they allow their guests to feel special and unique.