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rsdlr Museum of the RSDLP
Museum of the RSDLP


The structure of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus includes 5 branches: the House-Museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP, the Museum of the History of Theater and Musical Culture and the department of the Vladislav Golubka Lounge, the Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema, the Museum of Modern Belarusian Statehood, the Museum of Nature and Ecology.

The House-Museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP is one of the oldest museums in Belarus. For the first time the museum opened its doors in 1923. The museum was located in this building that the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was founded in 1898.

The museum offers to visitors a permanent exhibition, temporary thematic exhibitions and excursions.

Also, museum classes and historical clubs are held in the museum building.