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Minsk State Linguistic University
Minsk State Linguistic University


Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) is the leading Belarusian university in the field of foreign languages. Inyaz in Minsk teaches 22 European and Oriental languages. Graduates of a linguistic university work as teachers, translators, and translators-referents. The Minsk State Linguistic University is equipped with modern classrooms and laboratories, where lectures, practical and laboratory classes, and video conferences are held. Inyaz owns a rich library, which collected materials in 115 languages. MSLU collaborates with the World Association of Linguistic Universities, UNESCO and universities in 33 countries. Since 2011, the Confucius Institute for the Study of the Chinese Language has been operating in Inyaz. MSLU teachers work on the concept of teaching foreign languages, create school textbooks, teaching materials and manuals. And students have a place to expand their creative and scientific potential.

During its existence, Minsk Inyaz has trained over 25,000 teachers and teachers and 2,500 translators-referents. MSLU is the main center of the Republic of Belarus in the field of education in foreign languages.

MSLU attracts leading scientists of the Republic of Belarus, near and far abroad for cooperation. Joint projects with Russia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Spain and other countries are being activated. The university holds major scientific conferences, workshops through the Council of Europe.

Leading specialists of MSLU represent the Republic of Belarus at international scientific symposia and congresses.

For admission to the university, it is necessary to successfully pass centralized testing.

В аспирантуре МГЛУ открыто 10 научных специальностей для  подготовки научных кадров высшей квалификации:

- 10.01.03 – литература народов стран зарубежья;

- 10.02.01 – белорусский язык;

- 10.02.04 - германские языки (английский, немецкий);

- 10.02.05 - романские языки (французский, испанский);

- 10.02.19 – теория языка;

- 10.02.20 – сравнительно-историческое, типологическое и сопоставительное языкознание;

- 10.02.21 – прикладная и математическая лингвистика;

- 13.00.01 – общая педагогика, история педагогики и образования;

- 13.00.02 – теория и методика обучения и воспитания (иностранные языки);

- 19.00.07 – педагогическая психология (с 1968г., приказ Минвуза СССР).