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Real estate agencies in Belarus

Real estate agencies in Belarus

If you need to urgently buy, sell or rent an apartment, you can contact a real estate agency, where experts will find you a place to live according to your preferences. The specialists will take into account the desired location of the apartment, floor, price and so on. We will tell you about real estate agencies in Belarus, the specialists who work there and the services they provide.

What is a real estate agency?

A real estate agency is a commercial organization, which provides services as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer or property owner and the tenant on the real estate market. Agencies provide a variety of services: from point to full support of the transaction.

As a payment, agencies usually take a percentage of the accompanied transaction.

What does a real estate agency do?

Who is the agent in the real estate agency?

A real estate agent is a person who is engaged in buying, selling, renting, selling and exchanging real estate. Real estate agent at the request of the client selects the necessary object, studies the supply and demand in the market, looking for buyers and sellers, and concludes contracts. In fact, the real estate agent solves one main task - to find and select a property with the subsequent purchase, sale or lease.

Duties of the real estate agent:

  • buying, selling or renting out real estate;
  • receiving calls and advising clients;
  • displaying premises, buildings, apartments, offices;
  • preparing documents for the transaction;
  • conclusion of contracts;
  • customer search and increase customer base.

Services of the real estate agent:

  • providing information about the current market situation;
  • assistance in choosing an apartment or house to buy or rent;
  • documentary support of the transaction;
  • support of equity construction transactions;
  • registration procedures, transfer of property rights.

Real estate agency services

Buying apartments

The apartment can be bought from the developer in a new building or from the owner. If you buy an apartment from the owner, it is considered a secondary residence.

Buying both new buildings and secondary housing has its pros and cons. Buying an apartment from a developer, you save money.  First, the price at the stage of construction is much lower. Secondly, developers often hold promotions, as well as with them can agree on a pleasant discount.

If you do not have enough money to buy the desired apartment, you can use the credit program. The thing is that construction companies cooperate with banks and offer more favorable credit terms.

Finally, developers offer the service of booking a desired apartment. As long as you decide on the method of payment or solve credit issues with the bank, you can be sure that the apartment remains with you.

Buying a new building, you are ensured legal purity of the transaction, no traces of old owners and friendly relations with neighbors. However, despite all the advantages, new buildings do not do without disadvantages. There may be unforeseen situations related to the timing of delivery of the object, requires investment in finishing, is not excluded constant noise from neighbors during the repair and may not be ready infrastructure.

Exchange of apartments

People resort to exchanging apartments in order to improve their living conditions. Currently, the vast majority of exchange transactions go through a purchase and sale agreement. That is, first you find a buyer for your property, and then you look for a suitable option for yourself. The opposite situation is possible, when first you find a suitable apartment. Then a preliminary contract for the sale of your own apartment is drawn up.

The transaction involves 2 or more parties, building a chain of interrelated transactions. As a rule, they pass simultaneously and with full safety for all parties. Such variant of making an exchange is the fastest for all parties, and thus reliable.

Rental transactions

If you need to rent, but do not want to face dishonest property owners, it is better to contact a real estate agency. All rental transactions are subject to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, and the services are paid according to the fact, that is, only after you move into the apartment. Specialists of real estate agency support the transaction at all stages: from the initial application to the conclusion of the lease agreement.

Urgent redemption of apartments

Urgent redemption of an apartment is a procedure in which, in addition to the agency, there is a professional redemption. He registers the apartment for himself, and then resells it at a higher price. The redemption can be performed by the founder of the real estate agency or by an outside individual.

Most agencies in Belarus do not provide this service, but they are willing to take the apartment to work and find a buyer within a limited time.

Sales management

Sales management involves implementing the current action plan, planning and managing the resources required to support sales. The sales manager must: define work goals, monitor the achievement of these goals, manage the process of achieving the goals.

The Sales Manager performs the following procedures:

  • identifies the target audience;
  • defines strategy and tactics for working with target groups;
  • forms sales distribution channels;
  • manages the sales channels;
  • stimulates distribution channels;
  • organizes sales management;
  • manages sales and sales economics;
  • corrects the sales system.

Official real estate agencies on the map

The best real estate agencies of Minsk and Belarus are presented on this page. Here you will also find the address, phone number and working hours of the agency.

Buying, selling and renting an apartment is not an easy process. If you do not want to bother with documents and search, it is best to contact a real estate agency. Specialists will find housing for you in the shortest possible time. We advise you to contact an agent only on the fact, as you pay him after the transaction. Advance payment agents do not always provide quality services, and the search for a suitable apartment may take months.