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Cafe «Barcarola»
Cafe «Barcarola»

Cafe «Barcarola»

Interior and atmosphere in the cafe «Barcarola»

On 25 Zamkovaya Street in Minsk there is a small island of Italy ‒ the «Barcarola» cafe. Venetian style can be traced in every detail of the interior ‒ all the furniture is made to order and by hand, and on the floor there is real Italian marble. The cafe has a separate terrace for guests; there is a lot of greenery and the opportunity to stay in silence in the very center of the city. Several tables and warm blankets are left outside all year round so that guests can spend time outdoors with a cup of hot tea and wine.

Menu in the cafe «Barcarola»

At «Barcarola» you will find both traditional Italian dishes and modern interpretations of Italian cuisine. The menu consists of snacks, pasta, risotto, meat and fish. The thick Tuscan tomato soup deserves special attention, which is on the menu all year round and which regular guests often order home. The wine list of the venue consists of Italian wines from different wine regions and grape varieties. There are more than 15 types of «grappa» offered here. They prepare to go to the cafe and make free delivery: from 20 rubles within walking distance; from 50 rubles in the central region; from 100 rubles throughout the city and the surrounding area.

Events and seat reservations at the cafe «Barcarola»

This small venue is a great place to host a small landmark event or family celebration. The capacity of the hall is up to 20 people (up to 40 for a buffet table). Terrace ‒ up to 40 people. The minimum check for closing depends on the date and specifics of the particular event. To book a seat in advance, you can call +375 29 106 22 11 or use the portal.