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Restaurants & Cafes
Restaurant "Grand Cafe"
Address vulica Lienina 2, Minsk
  • +375447031111
Restaurant "Neft"
Address vulica Aranskaja 8, Minsk
  • 8 029 110-66-00
Restaurant-bistro «Umami»
Address vulica Revaliucyjnaja 28, Minsk
  • 8 029 135-98-35
Restaurant "Gostiny Dvor"
Address Minsk, 17 Sovetskaya street
Working time 12:00 - 00:00
  • +375 33 651-34-74
Restaurant "Zhuravli"
Address Minsk, 2 Glebki street
Working time 12:00 - 23:00
  • +375 29 176-20-91
Cafe-gallery "Artel"
Address Minsk, 58/1-6 Nezavisimosti avenue
Working time 10:00 - 22:00
  • +375 29 351-65-25
Cafe "Michel"
Address vulica Karla Marksa 9, Minsk
  • 8 044 726-11-11
Cafe «Chaikhana Baklazhan»
Address Minsk, 6 Komsomolskaya street
Working time 09:30 - 01:00
  • +375 44 766-46-64
Restaurant "Dom"
Address Minsk, 26 Revolyutsionnaya street
Working time 12:00 - 00:00
  • +375 29 384-11-33
Restaurant "Berezka"
Address Minsk, 40 Nezavisimosti avenue
Working time 12:00 - 02:00
  • +375 29 140-43-43
Cafe «Barcarola»
Address vulica Zamkavaja, Minsk
  • 8 029 106-22-11
Restaurant "Simple"
Address Minsk, 50 Lenina street
Working time 08:00 - 00:00
  • +375 29 185-50-50
Restaurant "Les"
Address Minsk, 9/22 Zibickaia street
Working time 17:00 - 00:00
  • +375 44 794 03 28
Restaurant "Maslow 6"
Address vulica Internacyjanaĺnaja 25а, Minsk
  • +375 44 577 11 22
Restaurant "Myata Lounge" on Zybitskaya
Address Minsk, 2 Zybitskaya street
Working time 13:00 - 00:00
  • +375 25 752-50-45
Cafe "Let it be"
Address Minsk, 23 A Oktyabrskaya street
  • +375 29 178-00-88
Restaurant "Balkon"
Address Minsk, 6 Bobruyskaya street (Shopping mall “Galileo”)
Working time 11:00 - 23:00
  • +375 44 709-88-88
Restaurant "Fabriq"
Address Prospekte Pobeditelei 1, Minsk
  • +375 44 563 55 55
Restaurant «Bloom eatery»
Address Prospekte Pobeditelei 110, Minsk
  • 8 029 125-50-00
Milano café
Address Minsk, 19 Volodarskogo street
Working time 08:00 - 00:00
  • +375 44 762-11-11
"Myata Lounge" on Pobediteley street
Address Minsk, 89/3 Pobediteley avenue
Working time 12:00 - 02:00
  • +375 25 644-33-33

Best restaurants and cafes in Minsk

Restaurant business in Belarus took the country by storm. Numerous cafes and restaurants do their best to delight fastidious guests, and the variety of dishes on the menu makes cafes in Belarus an ideal place to get acquainted with the national spirit and cuisine.

Cafes in Minsk work during the day, most of all at lunch and in the evening. Dishes vary greatly from one cafe to another, so everyone has a choice. Cuisines from all over the world are widely represented in the Belarusian capital. Countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, China and Japan send their best chefs to promote the national cuisine of their country and share their experience with Belarusian chefs who, in turn, succeed in the art of cooking.


We made a list of the best restaurants based on the feedback from the visitors.


  • Brooklyn
  • Catch
  • Bella Rosa
  • Ember
  • Dolce


  1. Kuhmister
  2. Chekhov
  3. Kamyanitsa
  4. Gray
  5. Cornflowers


  1. ButterBro Gastro-bar
  2. Traktir on Parkovaya
  3. Usad'ba
  4. Zhyravinka
  5. Svoi


  1. Pizza Sunrise
  2. McDoner
  3. Hemsin Doner
  4. Halal Doner
  5. Shawarma Express


  1. Poedem Poedim
  2. Chaikhona Bazaar
  3. Hinkalnya
  4. Chaikhana Eggplant
  5. Tiflis


  1. Café de Paris
  2. Grand Café
  3. Studio Wine&Spirits
  4. Zolotoi Grebeshok
  5. Brioche


  1. Chaikhana Tashkent
  2. Chaikhona Bazar
  3. Chaikhana Lounge Cafe
  4. Chaikhana Baklazhan
  5. Asia Mix


  1. Brooklyn
  2. Butler
  3. Neft
  4. TGI Fridays
  5. Beef&Beer


  1. El Pushka
  2. Bernardine
  3. El Sol
  4. Carl's Jr.
  5. Papa Taco

Best restaurants and cafes in Minsk Hookah availability

  1. Myata Lounge Vostok

This institution with notes of modernism is rightly considered the best in the city. It is quite spacious, live music is playing, tables are not worth the lapping, and the waiters will always tell you which wine is more suitable for your order.

The choice of flavors of hookah is quite diverse: there are more than 100 types of tobacco, and in addition, you can order hookah on water, wine or fruit.

  1. Chaikhana Lounge Café

An atmospheric place in oriental style, which creates a feeling of magic and fairy tale. Chaikhana Lounge Cafe has friendly and courteous staff, which will help you to choose a dish and drink for every taste.

There are classic, fruit and premium hookahs in the assortment.

  1. HookahPlace Lounge Bar Yakuba Kolosa

It's the largest bong network in the world. The institution is decorated in industrial style in the best traditions: vintage furniture, paintings in the spirit of post-modernism, antique decorative objects, dim light and relaxing music.

The institution has a wide choice of hookah tastes and professional hookah-makers, who will help you to make any mix.

  1. HookahDeli

An institution in the style of minimalism, quiet background music, dim lights and friendly staff. Here we are ready to offer a wide palette of tastes: no less than 80 items of tobacco at pleasant prices. You can choose a classic hookah as well as fruit and wine.

  1. Yarkalyan

Introduction in black and blue shades with design elements, which were created manually.

At Yarkalyan you can order classic, exclusive, premium, designer and branded hookah as well as hookah on fruit: orange, pomegranate, apple, grapefruit.

Availability of vegetarian menu

You can find the vegetarian menu in the following establishments:

  • Café de Paris;
  • Svobody, 4;
  • Bistro de Luxe;
  • Kamyanitsa;
  • Simple.

Presence of children's menu

For rest and snacking with children, the following establishments will be suitable:

  • Black Velvet Cafe;
  • Kulturnaya Zhizn;
  • Family Club;
  • MumsletClub;
  • Madison - Barberry.

Online Table Booking

You can book a table online on the institution's website or on the portal

Works around the clock

A list of the best establishments that operate 24 hours a day:

  • Ochag;
  • Golden Coffee;
  • Garage;
  • Star Café;
  • Prime Time.

Parking availability

List of the best places with free parking:

  • The View;
  • Simple;
  • Brooklyn;
  • Catch;
  • Dryzya.

Fast food

  1. Doner King
  2. MonkeyFood
  3. KFC
  4. McDonald's
  5. Carl's Jr.


TOP-10 Minsk coffee houses with first-class coffee, delicious pastries and unusual design.

  1. Coffeehouse "Manufactory"

Here coffee beans are roasted right on the spot, which means that the coffee is always rich and fresh. In addition, it is one of the few coffee shops that offers vegan coffee on soymilk.

  1. Coffeehouse "26"

It modernizes the classic coffee varieties and offers an alternative. So, there's always something to be surprised about.

  1. Coffeehouse "Zerno"

The coffee shop has its own signature spinach pie, which deserves attention, and barista uses alternative ways of brewing coffee.

  1. The Sorso di Espresso

You can come here for coffee, and leave with a luggage of knowledge about the methods and intricacies of making a drink.

  1. Moby Dick Caffe

The coffee house offers its visitors quality coffee at a democratic price, and the preparation of drinks is done exclusively by professional barista. In warm seasons, you can have coffee at a table outside, and in winter, you can take a drink with you.

  1. Coffeehouse "Lauka"

This place is open 24/7. In summer, there are parties in the courtyard, and in winter guests are warmed up with drinks and sandwiches.

  1. Utopia 60

Utopia 60 seems to have been transferred from the 60s by a time machine. The spirit of Soviet romanticism hovers here: from the furniture to the menu. Besides coffee, eclairs and cakes are offered here, and as entertainment - thematic lectures, film screenings and tastings for connoisseurs.

  1. Coffeehouse "Kultura"

Culture is not just good coffee and cozy atmosphere, but also an opportunity to take part in an art project of a coffee shop owner.

  1. Surf Coffee

Facility's interior is decorated in the style of beach facilities with surfboards and a cozy terrace. Here you can imagine yourself a professional surfer and talk about the difference between hard board and soft board with smart look.

  1. London Coffee Bar

It's always cozy, warm and peaceful. This place is suitable both for eating with friends, and for productive work over a cup of coffee. The bar's menu is transformed with the season: in winter, it serves mulled wine and makes punch, and in summer - cold drinks.


Minsk's top five pizzerias.

  1. IL Patio
  2. La Scala Trattoria Ignazio
  3. Domino's Pizza
  4. Papa Jons
  5. Garage

Youth cafes

The best youth cafes in Minsk:

  • News Café;
  • Let it be;
  • Bistro Prime Time;
  • Brooklyn;
  • Hookah Place.

Beer houses

TOP 5 beer houses.

  1. Restaurant "Dryzya"
  2. Pub "1067"
  3. Kraftman Bar
  4. Cheer Bear
  5. People's

There are ten best restaurants in Minsk with stunning views of the city. The most beautiful panorama opens up from the restaurants located on the top floor of the buildings. Most of them overlook the historic center of Minsk - Troitsky suburb - and are located on the Nemiga.

Restaurants and cafes in Minsk are the best place for being acquainted with Belarusian national cuisine, for business meetings or lunch, for acquaintance with history, culture and architecture of the country, for meeting friends and enjoying moments.