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Zhuravli Restaurant "Zhuravli"
Restaurant "Zhuravli"

Restaurant "Zhuravli"

Interior and atmosphere in the cafe «Zhuravli»

The family cafe «Zhuravli», located in Minsk on 2 P. Glebka Street, is open until 23.00. Here, friendly companies, couples, and, of course, guests with children are always welcome. If you like cozy intimate venues, this is just what you need. The interior of the venue tends to the classics and is decorated in pastel green, blue, gray and chocolate tones. On the walls there are watercolors depicting «Zhuravli». By the way, since this is a family venue, they do not smoke here.

Menu in the cafe «Zhuravli»

The venue has developed three types of menus: main, lunch and corporate. The main menu consists of several types of potato pancakes, hot dishes, kebabs and sausages with assorted snacks, soups, salads from 13 rubles, side dishes, desserts. The lunch menu changes weekly, an example of one of the options for mushroom soup, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, cutlet, salad with ham and cheese and sauerkraut, tea - no more than 10 rubles in total. Separately highlighted children's desserts in the form of pancakes with a wide range of fillings, salads. Banquet service includes a menu from 40 rubles per person, it is possible to accommodate up to 45 people. The cuisine here is Eastern European - besides the main one, there is a lunch and a separate children's menu, author's tea, coffee and cocktail cards. The average check per person is 50-80 rubles. A cozy family place with large portions and understandable homemade food is the ideological basis of the cafe. Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic were chosen as gastro destinations. From the main menu, it is especially recommended to try ribs in beer, chicken, chicken wings and legs from our own smokehouse, homemade sausages, pork tenderloin, pancakes. Lunches at the restaurant from 12.00 to 16.00. There are no set meals on the menu - the guest has complete freedom of choice. Takeaway option is also available. You can also order quick meals like burgers in the cafe.

Events and table reservations in the cafe «Zhuravli»

Artist Georgy Volchek, a good friend of the founders of the venue, from time to time organizes «Moonshine evenings» here, where guests try all kinds of liqueurs, listen to stories and at the same time promote the culture of drinking together. On Sundays, until lunchtime, «Zhuravli» turns into the culinary school of Irina Savina - at the master class, together with the chef, guests are engaged in the preparation of delicious dishes. What the chef prepares is then tasted, and the self-prepared culinary masterpieces are taken with them to have a Sunday lunch at home. The venue is ready to offer quiet background music, live accompaniment, show programs on Fridays and Saturdays as entertainment, there is a dance floor, karaoke, DJs. Here you can hold master classes and business meetings, if necessary, the administration is ready to provide a projector. For weddings, up to 30 people are accepted. You can book seats in advance through the entertainment portal