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Let_it_be Cafe "Let it be"
Cafe "Let it be"

Cafe "Let it be"

Interior and atmosphere in the cafe «Let it be»

If you want to spend a quiet evening in the company of family and friends and in search of a place where you will be cozy and comfortable, like a friend's home. That cafe «Let it be», located on Oktyabrskaya street, 23a. Then cafe «Let it be» is exactly what you need. The creators of the cafe decided to move away from dark tones in the interior, creating an atmosphere of lightness, positiveness and happiness. There are white walls with wooden inserts, soft furniture in gray and green shades, bright neon with the name of the cafe, and unusual diamond-shaped chandeliers. In the cafe «Let it be» you want to go for lightness and delicious breakfasts, for sincere conversations over a glass of wine, for exquisite dinners in a pleasant company without unnecessary distractions.

Menu in the cafe «Let it be»

The institution focuses on modern European cuisine. One of the main “chips” of the establishment is breakfast all day long. Everyone can choose a breakfast to their liking: sweet and salty porridge, English breakfast, eggs Benedict, Turkish eggs, bowls, omelet, granola or croissants. On the menu you will find main courses, salads, soups, bowls, and hummus, red and white wine sets. You can also enjoy the desserts that are prepared in the own bakery BakeZavod. Every weekday in the institution from 12:00 to 17:00 there is a lunch menu that changes every week. The institution pleases guests with its own pastries. Our own bakery allows you to serve bread with aromatic ruddy and crispy crust. In addition to breads, there are also various pastries, such as danish, sour cream and other products. Moreover, all the baked goods can be taken out - a passage from the door to the bar has been specially made in the cafe so that those who want to take food with them can enter, pay and leave. The cafe offers a wide wine and coffee list. It was compiled by sommelier Artem Khamitsevich, showing a variety of all kinds of wine styles from trusted producers. Here we are ready to offer a large selection of wine positions - reference samples of excellent manufacturers are presented, which are ideal for getting to know one or another style. In addition, there are also spirits and bottled beer.

Events and table reservations in the cafe «Let it be»

In the cafe, you can perfectly spend a birthday, banquet service and business negotiations are practiced. If you are looking for a date, this is a great option for young couples and students. Families with children are welcome here. You can order a table by filling out the form on the website.