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Restaurant-bistro «Umami»
Restaurant-bistro «Umami»

Restaurant-bistro «Umami»

Interior and atmosphere in the restaurant-bistro «Umami»

At the address Revolutsionnaya street, 28 in Minsk from 13.00 to midnight the restaurant - bistro «Umami» is open for visitors every day. The interior of the venue can be characterized as an organic symbiosis of atmospheric simplicity and conceptual minimalism. The light walls are decorated with symmetrical patterns of wood, matching the color and structure with chairs and tables. Along the walls, a special space is occupied by comfortable soft sofas in gray made of leather of an unusual shape. Many details, from mirrors to bowls on the window, speak of a special love for the Asian philosophy of minimalism. In addition, there is an aquarium with live wild oysters, scallops, sea urchins and crab. The name of the venue «Umami» is not without reason - this is the fifth taste (except for salty, sour, bitter and sweet), which was opened in Japan, this taste is difficult to describe in words, it must be felt. According to the restaurant staff, this taste is present in every dish in the restaurant.

Menu in the restaurant-bistro «Umami»

The bistro restaurant uses classic Asian products: sauces, «wakame» seaweed, «edamame» beans and others, only chilled fish from Norway. There is an open contact kitchen: guests can watch the cooking process, talk with chefs and cooks and ask questions without any hesitation. The team will openly talk about all the nuances, cooking methods and ingredients unknown to guests. There is no hot shop in the bistro, all products come here as fresh as possible and therefore are prepared quickly, mainly using different marinades ‒ this way the products retain all their taste properties, and some ingredients for dishes are steamed here, for example, shrimp. The restaurant's menu has two main sections: the first is devoted to various snacks (tartar, «ceviche», «sashimi», «tataki»), snacks only from vegetables, with seafood and meat, several types of poke, soups, there are also desserts. The second section of the menu presents to its guests a section of rolls (classics and other interpretations), sushi and «gunkans». There is an option to order food to go, when ordering from the restaurant's website, there is a 10 percent discount. It should be noted that take-away orders are accepted until 22.30. The average cost of meals is from 15 to 25 rubles.

Events and reservations in the restaurant-bistro «Umami»

The restaurant has all the conditions for a wedding, corporate events, a holiday for children, a seminar, business negotiations and a buffet table. Since there is a non-smoking room, you can bring children. Quiet background music always plays in the hall; there is free Wi-Fi access. If you want to book a place in advance, just call +375 29 135 98 35.