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Belarusian State Academy of Aviation
Belarusian State Academy of Aviation

Belarusian State Academy of Aviation

History of BSAA

The history of the Belarusian State Academy of Aviation begins in 1974. The government of the BSSR made a lot of efforts to create the Minsk Pedagogical School. The institution produced first-class specialists who had practical training at the country's aviation enterprises.

In 1991, the school was renamed into the Minsk Aviation Technical College, 4 years later into the Minsk State Higher Aviation Technical College, and already in 2001 into the Minsk State Higher Aviation College.

The college developed rapidly: new faculties and departments were opened, and leading specialists in the field of aviation developed new curricula. So, for the graduation of aviation specialists with a higher education, the Civil Aviation Faculty was opened, and for the graduation of specialists with secondary specialized education - a department of secondary specialized education and a department of practical training.

In 2016, a master's degree in Transport was opened, and in 2018, a postgraduate course in Air Transport Operations.

Today the academy has 2 faculties for training at the first and second stages of higher education, postgraduate studies, the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel.

Faculties at BSAA

Today, the following faculties are open within the walls of the academy:

• Military Faculty;

• Faculty of Civil Aviation.

Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining

The institute prepares and carries out retraining and advanced training of all categories of civil aviation personnel.

Today it is an exceptional educational institution that guarantees full language training for aviation personnel.

Admission to BSAA

Applicants wishing to receive education at the BSAA must submit the following documents:

• Application to the rector of BSAA on the model;

• document on education with an attachment;

• Central testing certificates;

• Medical certificate, certified by the seal of the polyclinic;

• An extract from the work book, and (or) a copy of the civil law contract for correspondence students;

• Six photographs (3x4 cm);

• 2 postal envelopes with RB stamps;

•The passport.

Training of foreign citizens at BSAA

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to obtain higher education at the BSAA. In order to do this, you need to follow several steps:

1. Choose a specialty;

2. Learn about the need for a visa for your country;

3. Send to the university documents certified by a notary;

4. Obtain a visa for training at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus;

5. Provide the university with the originals of the required documents,

6. Pass a medical examination;

7. Start learning.

International activity at BSAA

BSAA is in continuous development, in this regard, international training centers for civil aviation personnel (EASA Training Center, etc.) have been created on the basis of the university, as well as international courses ICAO, EASA, IATA, IAC are held.