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The advisory centre «Professorial treatment-and-consulting center»
The advisory centre «Professorial treatment-and-consulting center»
obstetrics and gynecology
infectious diseases
physical therapy
oral and maxillofacial surgery
manual therapy
various massages
traumatology and orthopedics
plastic aesthetic surgery
allergy and immunology
Minsk, Makaenka str., 17
Mon: 08:30 - 20:00
Tue: 08:30 - 20:00
Wed: 08:30 - 20:00
Thu: 08:30 - 20:00
Fri: 08:30 - 20:00
+375 17 265-06-25

The advisory centre «Professorial treatment-and-consulting center»

General information about Professorial Treatment and Consulting Center

Professorial Treatment and Consulting Center has been operating since 2005. Its task is to provide highly qualified and consultative medical care.

The staff of the medical center cope with the following tasks:

• Improving the health of patients who have applied by increasing the availability of paid medical services provided by the center;

• Use of the treatment and consultation process to improve educational activities;

• Provision of medical services to non-residents of the country.

Today the center provides services in 33 medical specialties. The team of specialists of PTCC includes doctors of the highest qualification category.

Every year, highly qualified medical care is provided to hundreds of citizens with different diagnoses and the complexity of treatment. Anyone can ask for help by making an appointment.

The advisory center is attentive to each client, so a visit always leaves a pleasant impression.

The clinic cooperates with the best insurance companies:

• Kupala;

• Beleximgarant;

• Belgosstrakh;

• Your Assistance;

• Belneftestrakh;

• Promtransinvest;

• Task;

• Imkliva Insurance;

• Ingosstrakh;

• Centaur;

• BelVEB;

• Belkoopstrakh.

Services at Professorial Treatment and Consulting Center

The medical center is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides a wide range of services. The main principles of providing services are the appointment of only the necessary treatment, the allocation of sufficient time to each client, the comfort of patients. Medical services are provided in the following areas:

•Obstetrics and gynecology;

• Allergology and Immunology;

• Gastroenterology;

• Hematology;

• Dermatovenereology;

• Pediatric surgery;

• Infectious diseases;

• Cardiology;

• Laboratory research;

• Neurology.

You can find all the services on the official website of the medical center.

Make an appointment to Professorial Treatment and Consulting Center

Appointment is made by phone:

• Minsk, st. Makayenka, 17 - (017) 374-06-25, (029) 394-07-37, (033) 660-27-97;

• Minsk, st. Sukharevskaya, 19 - (017) 367-20-23, (029) 355-19-96, (033) 660-28-00;

• Minsk region, agro-town Lesnoy, Building of the Scientific Research Laboratory - (017) 265-35-84, (029) 355-19-92, (033) 660-27-99.